Saturday, June 29, 2013

Happy 9,000,000th pageview!

Thanks to the readers and commenters for visiting the site over 9,000,000 times. I thoroughly enjoy the conversations we have on here, even if I come off as a bit grouchy once in a while. Enjoy the beautiful females after the jump!

Beatrice Chirita

Michelle Pieroway
C.J. Miles

Kayla Love

Christine Mendoza

Genesis Rodriguez


  1. You do a really nice job with this site, Thunder. I make this site one of my "must see" sites every day. I also enjoy the comments of your twin brother Magnus over on MGoBlog. :-)

  2. Just curious -- how much revenue does 9,000,000 page views equate to?

    1. Is that really the way it works: money for each page view? I thought people had to click on the ads for Thunder to see any green. No wonder there are so many sh*tty blogs on the interwebz. Not that this site falls into the "sh*tty" category...

      Btw, the 4th pic (Asian with headband) is CJ Miles, in case you weren't aware. Now it will be even easier to cyber stalk her!

    2. Ad clicks are the main source of revenue. Page views are a very small contributing factor.

      Thanks for the heads up on CJ Miles.

    3. CJ miles:

      What headband ?