Wednesday, August 6, 2014

247 Sports: 2014 Pre-season All-Big Ten Team

Devin Funchess
247 Sports released their Pre-season All-Big Ten Team on Wednesday morning. There are a few Michigan players on the list:

WR Devin Funchess
LB Jake Ryan
CB Blake Countess


  1. Wow ... Michigan State is well represented in that list. All on defense and special teams, but still ... 6 for them. Well, good for them I guess. This pre-season list is one thing; the score for the UM/MSU game is quite another. Go Blue!

  2. A difficult to predict year for Michigan, we have about seven players with an outside shot of making the all conference team but nobody who is close to slam dunk level.

    Ryan is playing a new position. Funchess has questionable hands. Countess could get passed by Doran Grant, Jordan Lewis, Jordan Lucas or another more athletic corner.