Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Video: Countdown to Kickoff 2014 - Day 26, 27

Here's a LINK to the video for day 26.


  1. Last play - positive yards. YAY!

  2. "No Shane. Elevate, Your trying to throw it right to him, you're trying to kill it. Take the throw right over the top of his head."

    "Shane c'mon, you gotta be accurate man"


    1. Yeah, I found that video surprising in that they didn't sugarcoat it to make it look like the QBs are infallible. Both Devin and Shane got chewed out a bit. Devin looks like he responded better to it, though; he just sort of nodded his head after Nuss yelled at him for taking the sack. I like that Nuss is getting on their cases, though, because I sure as hell don't want to see Devin backtrack into the endzone and throw a 0-yard pick six again.