Saturday, August 9, 2014

MLive: Updates on ACL recoveries

Nick Baumgardner has an update on Ondre Pipkins and Jake Butt, both of whom are recovering from torn ACLs.


  1. You're on a bit of a Jennifer Lawrence kick lately, aren't you? :-)

    * * *
    I keep reading how ACL recoveries are different things for big guys like Pipkins. Is that because of all the mass and the stress that puts on the legs? Do DTs wear knee braces in general, like OL guys do?

    I'm hoping Pipkins comes back with a bit of a chip on his shoulder. I'd love to see him break out and be a terror on the DL.

    1. I do enjoy some Jennifer Lawrence sometimes...

      Yeah, ACL injuries are a big deal for bigger players, because their leg strength is so important. That ligament (along with the MCL, PCL, etc.) is holding together a knee supporting 300 lbs., whereas Drake Johnson's knee is supporting 200 lbs.

  2. Pipkins was featured in the "Michigan drill" footage and looked every bit of 100%. Showed nice pop and agility in the drill.