Thursday, August 28, 2014

Smart Football: Pete Carroll explains tackling technique

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll explains the tackling technique taught by one of the best defenses in the NFL (LINK).

Hit the jump for three ladies with nice cleavage.

Justene Jaro


  1. When I hear the name of Pete Carroll my vomiting reflex starts... thankfully the ladies (and girls) brought me back to earth.

  2. Outstanding stuff.

    In my day, post stone age, you were taught to put your face between the numbers and "hit, lift and carry". In truth, I tried it outside of slow-motion drills only once. I stepped into the hole and hit my best friend at practice one day on an inside reverse. I can tell you with complete certainty many years later that his number was 80. As that's the last thing I can tell you about the next 6 or 8 minutes.

    I went back to tackling ankles.