Thursday, August 7, 2014

Video: Countdown to Kickoff - Day 23, 24, 25

MGoVideo has had some issues over the past year with posting the MGoBlue videos on Youtube, so here are some links to the past three days' videos. They're easier to watch on MGoVideo than on MGoBlue.

Day 25
Day 24
Day 23

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  1. There's a rather extensive ... um ... disagreement going on over at MGoBlog about Day 23 and the technique of the Braden and other offensive linemen. I tried to read past the insults and get a handle on what technique issues are in question. It seemed to be about helmet/eyes and getting hips under as the OL drives through.

    I went and watched the video again -- amateur as I am -- and one at least one of the segments it seemed Braden's butt was trailing and he was pushing rather than driving through and up.

    Any thoughts on the technique you saw in that video?

    1. Hah. That's funny. I noticed some things, too, but I didn't see the thread on MGoBlog. I certainly thought Braden's technique was less than ideal - going from his body lean to his hand placement. On the plus side, it's the beginning of fall camp, so hopefully he can get the rust knocked off quickly.

    2. I wondered if maybe the video was taken late in the practice and Braden was just tired ... but I would imagine that in itself is a coaching point, since in a game fatigue can't be a reason for dropping technique. I also wondered if maybe those bits of film were staged and not really a coached drill. I didn't see or hear anyone barking out pointers.

      Thanks for your reply! Always appreciate your insights.