Sunday, August 3, 2014

Detroit News: Michigan players think offseason team functions will help forge better record

Angelique Chengelis put together an article about how Michigan's offseason activities might lend themselves to a better season on the field. We have heard numerous times that chemistry was an issue last season, although specifics have yet to really be divulged.

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  1. Seems like every year a variety of team building activities take place. I'm not convinced any of this stuff equates to WINS! You've got to get it done on the field. Plenty of tight knit close family type teams are losers. Give me guys that want to be the best, to dominate their positions. Kind of like Greed is Good in the real world! I'm afraid the country and world have become a bunch of nice, everybody is a winner, ninnies! What a bunch of Hooey!

    1. I tend to agree in general principle ... off-season team bonding activities are fine, but are not the sole key to victory. Probably not even the primary key to victory. "Bad chemistry" is an excuse for poor play, not a cause ... or, to be more precise, should not be a causal agent to poor play for teams truly focused on achieving the objective.

      Now, that said, I'd rather Michigan have good chemistry within the unit than bad. So anything that lends to good chemistry is good. But let's not rely on it as the key to victory.

    2. Both of you are right. This feel good everyone is a winner crap is a bunch of genration Y and millennial generation substandard B.S. and only makes people feel good. Training, discipline, and high standards are what make winners. Nussmeier as different from Borges is a prime example of this. High rep practices, absolutely tough training and high standards for the OBs and everyone else. THis will make winners, not sitting around the fire singing songs. Yet it is good they are bonding as icing on the cake.