Monday, June 8, 2015

2015 Season Countdown: #83 Dan Liesman

Dan Liesman (image via Twitter)
Name: Dan Liesman
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 233 lbs.
High school: Lansing (MI) Catholic
Position: Linebacker
Class: Redshirt junior
Jersey number: #66
Last year: I did not rank Liesman. He did not see any game action.

Walk-on linebacker Dan Liesman did not play at all last year and has spent the last three season as a scout team player. That didn't stop the new coaching staff from starting him in this year's spring game, though. The intrasquad scrimmage might not portend the future exactly, and some players were unavailable due to injury, but the fact that Liesman played almost the entire time at inside linebacker indicates there's at least something the coaches like about him. Based on what I saw, I do not think he will crack the rotation at all. But he is a guy that the coaches might want to reward with some mop-up duty or special teams play.

Prediction: Backup linebacker, special teamer


  1. This guy's never going to see a meaningful snap and shouldn't be rated above Higdon - who could lead the team in TDs for all we know. There are tons of LBs on this roster and Liesman's not going to play even if 4 or 5 of them get hurt.

    First "TOO HIGH!" of the year. Hurrah.

    1. Maybe he won't see a meaningful snap, but he might see a meaningless snap. Meanwhile, there's at least a decent chance that Higdon spends the whole season redshirting on the sideline.

    2. There is, but if the ranking is about value to the team, I would argue your 4th RB (which is a pretty conservative estimate for Higdon) with a chance of being your 1st is more important to the team than a guy who is a replacement level (i.e., any other walk-on can do the same thing).

    3. Green, Isaac, Smith, and Johnson are all in their third or fourth year. Add in Shallman, and I don't think Higdon is all that valuable this year.

  2. Thunder,
    Do you see any current wideouts leaving this fall?

    1. Aside from Norfleet? I have seen rumors of one but I do not believe it will happen, at least not this year.