Sunday, June 21, 2015

Draft Breakdown: 2016 NFL Draft Prospect Preview - Michigan Wolverines

Draft Breakdown takes a look at this year's team and who could potentially get drafted next spring (LINK).

Hit the jump for some very good looking ladies, plus a gif of a girl shooting a basketball.


  1. From the Draft Breakdown article: "..... who’s motivational stylings figure to play better in the college ranks than they did in the NFL."

    Smooth move, Ex-Lax! Not only does the guy @#$% up the whose, but he basically parrots the NFL's longstanding PR on Harbaugh (wore out his welcome with players ... but WOULD prefer to be in the NFL).

    Anyway, thanks (really) for posting the article. It's interesting to see how others view the UMich players.

  2. I'm not a pro but do not believe her left hand should move like that.