Monday, June 15, 2015

MLive: Michigan has the most experienced depth chart in America

By Phil Steele's metric, Michigan has the most experienced two-deep in the country (LINK).

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  1. As noted, it's questionable whether this means anything. Experience notwithstanding, we have no proven impact players, just a lot of juniors and seniors who have never done much.

  2. I think in this case experience is over rated.

  3. Of course, Alabama and OSU were doing just fine with a young roster, but an older roster can only help in a case like Michigan's. Also note that we were also very junior and senior heavy in 2011, which allowed us to get 11-2 record.

    I feel like Michigan will be a very good team this year with Harbaugh's coaching, 5th year guy at QB, and juniors and seniors all over the depth chart. I really think we'll only lose to MSU and OSU.