Wednesday, June 3, 2015

U.S. Army All-American Bowl Participants: Michigan

2012 U.S. Army Bowl participants: Ondre Pipkins, Royce Jenkins-Stone, James Ross, Kyle Kalis, Erik Magnuson
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For your viewing pleasure, here's a comprehensive list of Michigan's past commitments who were selected for the U.S. Army All-American Bowl.

Michael Onwenu - Detroit, MI


Mason Cole, OG - Tarpon Springs, FL

Jake Butt, TE - Pickerington, OH
Chris Fox, OT - Parker, CO#
Derrick Green, RB - Richmond, VA
Jourdan Lewis, CB - Detroit, MI
Dymonte Thomas, S - Alliance, OH

Kyle Kalis, OL - Lakewood, OH
Royce Jenkins-Stone, LB - Detroit, MI
Erik Magnuson, OL - Carlsbad, CA
Ondre Pipkins, DT - Kansas City, MO
James Ross, LB - Orchard Lake, MI

Blake Countess, CB - Olney, MD
Wayne Lyons, CB - Fort Lauderdale, FL*
Matt Wile, K - San Diego, CA

Cullen Christian, CB - Pittsburgh, PA
Will Hagerup, P - Whitefish Bay, WI

William Campbell, DT - Detroit, MI
Jeremy Gallon, WR - Apopka, FL
Brendan Gibbons, K - West Palm Beach, FL
Anthony Lalota, DE - Princeton, NJ
Je'Ron Stokes, WR - Pittsburgh, PA
Justin Turner, CB - Massillon, OH

Boubacar Cissoko, CB - Detroit, MI
Sam McGuffie, RB - Houston, TX
Brandon Smith, S - New Brunswick, NJ

Donovan Warren, CB - Long Beach, CA
Michael Williams, S - St. Bonaventure, CA

Justin Boren, OG - Pickerington, OH
Steve Brown, S - Columbus, IN
Brandon Graham, DE - Detroit, MI
Jonas Mouton, LB - Venice, CA
Steve Schilling, OT - Bellevue, WA

James McKinney, DT - Louisville, KY
Zoltan Mesko, P - Twinsburg, OH
Marques Slocum, DT - Philadelphia, PA

Adrian Arrington, WR - Cedar Rapids, IA
Alan Branch, DT - Albuquerque, NM
Jeremy Ciulla, OG - Kennesaw, GA
Doug Dutch, WR/CB - Washington, DC
Chad Henne, QB - West Lawn, PA
Tim Jamison, DE - Harvey, IL
Max Martin, RB - Madison, AL

Prescott Burgess, LB - Warren, OH
Anton Campbell, S - O'Fallon, MO
Shawn Crable, LB - Massillon, OH
Leon Hall, CB - Vista, CA
Ryan Mundy, S - Pittsburgh, PA
Will Paul, FB - St. Louis, MO
Clayton Richard, QB - Lafayette, IN
Garrett Rivas, K - Tampa, FL

Jason Avant, WR - Chicago, IL
Mike Kolodziej, OT - Joliet, IL

Marlin Jackson, CB - Sharon, PA
Pierre Woods, DE - Cleveland, OH

*Transferred to Michigan
#Will not/did not play due to injury


  1. Jesus, thank god for punters and Brandon Graham

  2. Very cool! While excited to see Wile and Mesko and Rivas on the list, I'm a little :/ at seeing Wile and Hagerup together. Also, 2008=fail.

  3. Holy cow what an abysmal record. fyi, I think Wile was invited as a P, not a PK. Everyone refers to him as an 'All-American Bowl' PK, but he's not.

  4. Looking at our 2011 and 2012 kids, if the 2011 freshmen DE's all redshirt then it looks like we'll only have 3 active scholarship DE's to dress this year. With this being RVBs last year and next year being the last for Roh I imagine either true (or redshirt) freshmen DE's will have to play in 2012 if not this season. Do you think one of the 2011 kids won't redshirt since we're taking so many in 2012 or do you see a few 2012 kids getting immediate time in the rotaion?

  5. How on earth was Gibbon's an Army AA? Can you seriously get that much worse at kicking?

    1. Kicking is a funny job, very mentally/psychologically difficult. I don't think the previous staff did a great job keeping our kickers' confidence up. Hoke's been in Gibbons's corner and he's done pretty well since (13-17 on FGs last season, 3-4 this year).

  6. @ Anonymous 6:34 p.m.

    Players are listed with their position they played at college, not what they played in the AAAB.

  7. @ Michael 9:49 p.m.

    I think all the 2011 kids could use a redshirt. Some of the 2012 guys are more ready to play from a physical standpoint. The incoming freshmen this year are pretty underdeveloped. Hopefully Van Bergen, Roh, Black, and maybe Heininger can hold down the fort at DE this year.

  8. does anyone want to say anything about the hand signal? is that a thing?

  9. @ Anonymous 4:04 p.m.

    Not a big fan...

  10. Man, the Army really knows who they're picking. Quite the list.

  11. Kalis look's like a giant next to everyone, or I need glasses..?

  12. So from 2008-11, we have a total of six guys still in the program at all. Two of them are kickers/punters and one is out for the season with an injury. No wonder we have so many freshmen playing. The overall talent level of the program is not where it needs to be.

  13. lets not forget about Derrick Green.

  14. 0 for 2015. Can't wait to get the recruiting going...