Saturday, June 20, 2015

MLive: Shane Morris opens up on Michigan QB competition

Shane Morris ain't goin' down without a fight (LINK).

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  1. He's very presumptuous to think that it's "his" job to begin with. The only reasons he's seen any time as a starter up until now are injuries to Gardner and a very thin depth chart at QB. And when he has played, he's shown nothing. Certainly no performance worthy of a Big Ten caliber starting QB and not even any improvement that shows he's likely to ever get to that level. He needs to shut up and work his ass off, because right now he's no better than even with two or three other guys.

  2. Doesn't seem that presumptuous to me, didn't Harbaugh basically say he was the leader post-spring? But yes he should work hard.

    1. Ruddock was not there in the spring, nor was Gentry.

    2. This is how I read it -- it wasn't so much a sense of entitlement to the role, but rather the signal Harbaugh gave was that he was in the leader position. Given that, then Morris intends to fight to keep the leader position. It seems just the competitive, cocky thing Harbaugh himself would say.

      Overall, I'd say this is pretty much a non-story right now ... the real story comes in fall camp where we start to see the depth chart form.

  3. Morris has been another major disappointment in our seemingly endless number of highly ranked recruits not justifying the star quality via their play on the field once they're arrived.