Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ex-Wolverine Updates

Move to Arizona?  Yes, please.

Former Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez is filling out his staff in Tucson.  The four assistant coaches he has hired so far at Arizona are former Wolverines assistants:

  • Calvin Magee, who was at Pitt in 2011, will be co-offensive coordinator and running backs coach
  • Rod Smith, who was at Indiana in 2011, will be co-offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach
  • Tony Dews, who was at Pitt in 2011, will be the receivers coach
  • Tony Gibson, who was at Pitt in 2011, will be the secondary coach
Magee coached the tight ends at Michigan while long-time Michigan coach Fred Jackson coached the running backs.  The other coaches are taking the same roles they held in Ann Arbor.


  1. He needs to hire a DC who actually knows something about defense and let that individual actually coach defense and make the calls. I think Greg Robinson was actually not as horrible as most fans make him out to be. He was a pretty decent DC at his stops in Denver with Denver Broncos, with the Kansas City Chiefs, and in Austin with the Longhorns. The problem was that RR insisted on that 3-3-5 D and showed it down GERG's throat. I personally think GERG was unjustly maligned. He may not be Mattison but I don't think he is as terrible as people made him out to be. Yes he had a terribly tenure at Syracuse, as their head coach, but prior to that disaster, he was a good DC at a number of stops. GERG's demise is, in part, RR's fault.

  2. The two above oughta help with recruiting.

  3. It's hard to defend Robinson even considering the 3-3-5 that was forced on him. He had trouble identifying the best players and some of his defense calls were awful.

  4. @Elmer

    ...and obviously played many of his athletes out of position (Roh, LB; Gordon, FS etc).

  5. Why doesn't Rick Rod go after Tate? Would be good for both of them. Would like to see that kid land on his feet.

  6. I was in the understanding that Magee was the OC, and Rod Smith the Qbs, I could be wrong though.
    In a related note, with Smith and Magee being Co OC, who's going to call the plays and talk to the QB in between the snaps? Is RR going to be HC and the headseted OC taking advice from the Co OCs? sounds weird...

  7. @ Anonymous 10:23 p.m.

    Forcier is at San Jose State University. If he transferred to Arizona, he would have to sit out the 2012 season and have only one year left to play in 2013.

  8. @ Anonymous 12:27 a.m.

    The link in the post is to Arizona's official website with Magee/Smith's official titles listed.

  9. First off - where are that blonde's hips? 10 from the waist up though

    Tate isn't anyone RR would trust anymore even if this was the answer. The kid REALLY burned bridges with the staff.

    RR just needs to get his DC from WVU but that is going to take some time. The key I think to know if RR is really going to make this tick is if he has a really strong backup plan and lands a real defensive bad-ass if his first choice doesn't work out. He needs to go "all-in" on a DC. His offense will excell out there once all the pieces are in place. Best of luck to him.