Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Video: Michigan vs. Ohio State - Every Snap

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  1. I've now watched this thing 3 times and freely admit that you couldn't fill a thimble with the totality of what I know about offensive line play, but the way we blocked this game doesn't look much like anything I've ever seen/noticed before.

    Sometimes it looks like power, sometimes it looks like zone blocking.

    I've never noticed so much pulling into holes.

    It felt different somehow from anything I've watched before.

    On Denard, you can criticize/complain all you want and with some justification about how he doesn't throw with great accuracy or zip and is an athlete rather than a QB or is too small/light and gets beat up and thus less effective. But it's gonna be a long, long time before anybody anywhere gets to see anything like him and you'll probably never see anything even remotely like him around here ever again.

    This kid is a wonderful football player and a joy to watch play.