Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pitt's Todd Graham leaves for Arizona State

Pennsylvania OT Adam Bisnowaty is currently committed to Pittsburgh

With Dennis Erickson's firing from Arizona State, that left a void in Tempe.  Enter Todd Graham, who went 6-6 as Pitt's head coach this past season.  Graham is a former defensive assistant under Rich Rodriguez at West Virginia; they now happen to be in-state rivals.

Coaching changes rarely seem to pay dividends for Michigan, but if you're interested in speculation, this could re-open the door for Pittsburgh (PA) Fox Chapel Area OT Adam Bisnowaty, who was being pursued by Michigan prior to committing to Pitt.

While Bisnowaty is the only Michigan offeree to be committed to Pitt, the Panthers also have verbals from Aliquippa (PA) Hopewell RB Rushel Shell and Cleveland (TN) Cleveland QB Chad Voytik.  Shell has a particularly impressive offer list, and Canton (OH) GlenOak's Bri'onte Dunn recently re-affirmed his commitment to Ohio State, leaving the door open for Michigan to search elsewhere for a running back.  Meanwhile, Voytik had expressed interest in Michigan, but it was unrequited.  If the Wolverines decide to pursue a quarterback before February, Voytik might be a prime candidate.


  1. I had the same reaction to Penn States 2012 class, and the potential size of our class has me feeling greedy too but in context, if we only have a class of 25 or 26 on NSD there wont be some sort of scramble to max out our numbers for 2012. I think that'll be that for this year and any spaces we don't fill out this year will just be a few more spots for a larger 2013 class that already shows so much promise.

  2. Penn State is going to suffer, it is what it is, but they are still going to thrive. I think any young man who has the opportunity to play there on a scholarship should take it, they will not simply be forgotten. They have been a powerhouse for decades and will have a stronger program to show after this has all been settled.

    Congratulations to all the recruits going to play for a stellar team! Good luck next year!

  3. I predict that the next two recruiting classes at PSU will be strongly affected by the scandal, ranking near the bottom of the B1G. But they will have a chance to get back on track with the 2014 class. If I were PSU, I would keep the current coach around as long as they can, assuming he has no significant involvement with the cover up. Even though PSU fans want to clean house asap, at this point, they cannot attract a decent HC. But that will probably change after next season.

  4. Mags, any thoughts on Shell? Think the coaches are more interested in a 2nd WR and a 3rd TE and 2 more DBs or a 3rd RB for this class? I'm thinking they'd prefer a back due to past rhetoric, but I know nothing.

  5. @ Michael 11:14 a.m.

    I really like Shell. I agree that the coaches are more interested in a second WR, but I think one more CB would be sufficient. Frankly, I think that once you get to around 80 scholarships, the last 5 or so can be filled somewhat randomly with the best talent available. Right now Michigan's scholarships aren't divided up equally among positions and classes, so they've kind of put themselves in a hole. But whether Michigan takes another WR, RB, TE, or whatever, it probably won't have much of an impact on the numbers as a whole.