Monday, December 19, 2011

Highlights: 2011 Michigan Defense


  1. When you watch video like this it's easy to see Craig Roh struggling to get off blocks.

    Time and time again he gets there just in time for the celebration.

    To me, that's the kid who is going to have to step it up a bunch next year for us to be good.

  2. @ Roanman 6:28 p.m.

    I thought Roh played well in the middle of the season. He started off slowly, and I thought he ended the year with a couple mediocre games...although he did force Mike Adams to hold him in the OSU game, giving Michigan a safety.

  3. With all the D line coaches we have walking around, my hope is that someone finds the switch that turns this kid on, or the "Senior Year" thing gets a hold of him in a big way.

    Watching him move makes me think he is slowed by the weight he needs to play with his hand down.

    I'd settle for two games of awesome ala Van Bergen particularly if the two games were Nebraska and OSU.

    It felt to me like Van Bergen was much more disruptive this year than his flat totals indicate, but numbers is numbers.

  4. I'm sitting here thinking about it.

    Remember that wacky looking crab stance he had coming out of High School?

    Now he sets up like an ordinary Big Ten Defensive End ..... played that way a lot too.