Wednesday, May 2, 2012 What is Denard Robinson's NFL position?

Alicia Marie (middle)
Nick Baumgardner explores Denard Robinson's options in the NFL.  I have to agree with Mel Kiper - Denard's not going to be an NFL quarterback.  My guess is that he will become a wide receiver, just like nearly every other mobile quarterback who has changed positions - Kordell Stewart to some degree, Joshua Cribbs, Woody Dantzler, Bert Emanuel, etc.  Scott Frost turned into a safety, but he was bigger than Denard Robinson and a different style of player.


  1. In the parallel universe where Denard opted to play CB at an SEC/ACC school, how do you think he would have done?

  2. Receiver sounds right. He has the physical tools to be a returner, but that's mostly a feel thing.

  3. Don't forget a Big Ten example in Antwan Randle El

  4. As others have pointed out - people though RG3 was going to end up at another position too.

    Pat White (while out of football to pursue baseball) didn't change positions to WR.

    I'm sure there are other examples of mobile college QBs that people think will move but end up sticking to it.

    I don't think Denard will be an NFL QB, but I wouldn't rule it out yet. Personally, I think he's going to be a RB/KR, not a WR. He might even be a 3rd string QB and KR.

    1. I really haven't heard people talk about RG3 playing another position. He's been a better passer his entire career than Denard has been.

      Pat White didn't have a chance to change positions - he only lasted a year. He threw the ball 5 times, ran it 21 times, and had a 39.6 rating. He was basically running the Wildcat that Ronnie Brown had been running. I wouldn't exactly call him a QB, unless you call Ronnie Brown a QB, too.

  5. I think he ends up as a gadget player.. those type of guys you can line up everywhere .. those types are much needed in the NFL.. there really important and a ton of teams could use one or two.. Darren sproles has made them very important but I also believe he could turn into a CB with the proper coaching