Monday, May 14, 2012

ESPN: Tate Forcier says he's going to CFL

Angelina Christina
Tate Forcier, who played two seasons at Michigan before becoming academically ineligible and then bouncing out of San Jose State University, is now going to play for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the CFL.

Meanwhile, Denard Robinson is gearing up for a Heisman run.  This is one of the things that Rich Rodriguez didn't screw up.


  1. Can somebody fill in the details on the early Tate Forcier recruitment?

    It started under Carr, right? Who was the first Michigan coach to reach out to Forcier? Was it Fred Jackson? Was it someone else? Jason Forcier, a Carr player, no doubt had some role to play too.

    But isn't it an essential fact that Sam McGuffie and Tate Forcier were basically locked into Michigan recruiting before Rich Rodriguez ever set foot in Ann Arbor?

    1. Forcier was not offered until Rodriguez was hired. I'm not sure which position coach made the first offer, but Rod Smith was his recruiting contact. Carr had nothing to do with Tate's recruitment.

    2. I won't dispute the historical chronology with Tate Forcier. Precisely how recruiting a highly-ranked QB coming from high-level competition in Southern California, who could throw and run, who would be an eraly enrollee (when we desperately needed one) and whose older brother had been a Carr recruit, was something that Rich Rodriguez "screwed up" (as opposed to "one of the things Rich Rodriguez didn't screw up") remains entirely unclear.