Wednesday, May 2, 2012

CBS Sports: Early look at top 50 NFL prospects for 2013

CBS takes a look at the top 50 prospects for the 2013 NFL Draft, and there are a few notable names for Michigan and Big Ten fans:

3. Johnathan Hankins - DT - Ohio State
10. Manti Te'o - LB - Notre Dame
19. Montee Ball - RB - Wisconsin
21. Barrett Jones - OL - Alabama
24. Taylor Lewan - OT - Michigan
29. William Gholston - DE - Michigan State
30. Tyler Eifert - TE - Notre Dame
31. Craig Roh - DE - Michigan
32. Chance Warmack - OG - Alabama
34. John Simon - DL - Ohio State
35. Kawann Short - DT - Purdue
42. D.J. Fluker - OT - Alabama
43. Robert Lester - S - Alabama
44. Logan Thomas - QB - Virginia Tech
47. Ricky Wagner - OT - Wisconsin

I'm not surprised to see Lewan at #24, and I've seen him ranked higher elsewhere.  However, I am a little surprised to see Roh at #31.  Roh hasn't had a whole lot of production at the college level, and while part of that is because he has frequently played out of position, he still looks like a guy who might go undrafted or be a late pick.  I mean, Ryan Van Bergen went undrafted and he arguably had a more consistent career than Roh.


  1. This is proof positive that the NFL drafts for body type. Hankins at 3rd overall while Mike Martin goes in the 3rd round? Roh over Van Bergen?

    1. A way early CBS mock draft isn't proof the NFL does anything.

  2. Agree with your Roh comments. It's hard for me to imagine him being taken before John Simon, whom I think projects to be a good 3-4 OLB in the NFL. With Roh's limited pass rush, I would think he'd need to be pushing 300 lbs to get serious love from NFL scouts.

    Otherwise, I think Hankins drops. He's a solid player, but he is not the physical-freak DT that NFL teams reach for in the draft. He would have to be the best defensive player in college football to be drafted there. Maybe he improves a lot this year and proves me wrong.

    Also think Gholston is a top 15 pick. He does have the ridiculous physical attributes. And he will put up nice numbers this year.

    1. I don't know if Simon can play OLB in the NFL...

      Gholston could get in the top 15, but not too high. I actually think 14 or 15 might be his ceiling. He's not as dominant as I would expect a top 10 or top 5 pick to be.

    2. I guess my opinion on Gholston results from seeing two unproductive DL go in the top 15 in this years draft (Poe & Brockers). I would draft Gholston over either of them personally, based on physical skills and production. I also watched some of MSU's spring game this year and (unfortunately) believe he is looking more and more like the real deal, potential All-American, etc. We'll see.

  3. Thunder -

    What are your thoughts on Hankins so high? First off, it still pissed me off that we didn't sign him and now he's coming back to bite us as we struggle with our DT depth chart and he's a multi-year starter at our rival.

    That being said, however, thus far in his career he seems more like an anonymous space eater rather than a top 5 pick. If he were in this year's class that was full of talented DT he would have been really far down the list and yet he's projected at #3?


    1. I haven't watched Hankins enough to know whether that's a good spot for him, but my first reaction is to say that's too high. Defensive tackles worth the #3 pick are few and far between. Ndamukong Suh was worthy (physically, anyway) because of his speed and power, but I don't think Hankins has that same combination of attributes.

      But who says he's coming back to bite us? Michigan beat Ohio State last year. That's really the only thing that matters. Rodriguez clearly made a mistake by not offering him early enough, but what's new? Rodriguez was clueless when it came to recruiting anyone but slot receivers and quarterbacks; and he recruited a few good offensive linemen, but not enough to keep the depth from getting scary thin.

    2. UM actually handled Hankins pretty well in the game last year. And I saw him play so-so in a couple other OSU games too. He is definitely not a player like Mike Martin or John Simon who busts his tail every down. He is probably less useful against spread O's. Nonetheless, Hankins would have been a nice cog at UM. He is better than BWC and he would have freed Martin to play some 3-tech the last couple seasons.

    3. There were rumors about serious off-field issues with Hankins that made it impossible for RR to offer.