Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mel Kiper's top five seniors by position for 2013

Mel Kiper, Jr. released his lists of the top five players by position in the 2013 NFL Draft class, and there are several Big Ten players in the mix.  Unfortunately, not many are from Michigan.  Players from the conference and other upcoming opponents include:

QB: None.

RB: #1 Montee Ball (Wisconsin)

FB: #2 Zach Boren (Ohio State)

WR: #5 Denard Robinson (Michigan)

TE: #3 Michael Williams (Alabama), #4 Jake Stoneburner (Ohio State)

OT: #1 Ricky Wagner (Wisconsin)

OG: #2 Chance Warmack (Alabama)

C: #1 Barrett Jones (Alabama), #3 Graham Pocic (Illinois)

DE: #1 John Simon (Ohio State), #2 Michael Buchanan (Illinois)

DT: #2 Kawann Short (Purdue), #3 Jesse Williams (Alabama), #4 Jordan Hill (Penn State)

ILB: #1 Manti Te'o (Notre Dame), Nico Johnson (Alabama)

OLB: #3 Gerald Hodges (Penn State)

CB: #1 Johnny Adams (Michigan State), #4 Micah Hyde (Iowa)

S: #3 Robert Lester (Alabama)

K: #3 Brett Maher (Nebraska)



    * "FB: #2 Zach Boren (Ohio State)" Cue up some more RichRod hate (even if the decision back then was justified).

    * Is Pocic related to the high-profile '13 recruit?

    * Adams at #1. Dantonio (disgusting as he may be personally) sure knows how to pick 'em.

    1. Judging by the guys Hoke is recruiting for fullback, I don't think Zach Boren would have fit Hoke's mold, either. Hoke is looking for guys who can run, catch, and block. Boren is more of an old-school blocking fullback. I'm not even sure Boren will play much this year now that Urban Meyer is in Columbus.

      Graham Pocic is Ethan Pocic's older brother.

      Dantonio is a douche. I'm not jealous of anything he does. If I have the choice of having a douche of a coach like Dantonio or a slightly less successful coach, I'll take choice #2.

    2. Agree... I like Boren but I don't think he deserves this call out. I will be shocked if he reprises last years numbers.

  2. I'm feeling like we're not going to see many Michigan players on any top lists for the upcoming season. Should we be worried that the upcoming season could be a big let-down (i.e. that we'll be watching Sparty go to Indy for the second year in a row)?

    1. Outside of Martin and Molk, we really didn't have any players on any lists last year, either. We went 11-2 and won a BSC bowl.

      F the lists.

    2. A lot depends on the defensive line. I'm worried about the Alabama game, but Michigan has the talent to beat every other team on the schedule.

  3. It's Robert Lester for Alabama, not John.

    1. Oops. Thanks for the correction. I was sleepy when I typed it up.

  4. Before judging teams based on this list, keep in mind he is considering their value as pro prospects, not college players. Some pretty good college players aren't considered great pro prospects.