Saturday, December 15, 2012 J.T. Floyd glad he turned down NFL

Maryna Linchuk
As an avid fan of Michigan football, I was not surprised at all when J.T. Floyd turned down a chance to enter the NFL Draft.  Considering that Morgan Trent was a 4th round pick as a fifth year senior and Donovan Warren went undrafted as a junior, Floyd - who is significantly slower than Trent and less productive than Warren - might still go undrafted in 2013.


  1. Frankly, this seems like an article written for content. To think Floyd was even going to be considered as a draft choice last year is a huge stretch considering it's very likely he is undrafted this year

  2. Whereas Maryna here is pretty much a stone cold lock for a high first round pick.

  3. Well if he had a chance to be drafted, it's likely gone now. Hearing he's off the team.

  4. I don't think productivity has much to do with NFL draft position. Warren got more hype but I'm not sure he was much better in college than Floyd. And Trent -- he was pretty bad at Michigan at least before his senior year -- but he had speed and has turned into a quality NFL player. If Floyd shows he has NFL-caliber speed he'll get a shot. It's all about the combine.

  5. If Floyd gets drafted, I'll fall out of my chair. The combine is just going to show he's relatively slow.

    1. Long list of NFL surprises coming from Michigan - good and bad. Just looking at recent DBs, think of how well Stevie Brown, Ryan Mundy, and Morgan Trent are doing compared to expectations at UofM, and how Shazor and Warren couldn't hack it.

      If Floyd is slow, there won't be any reason to give him a chance. If he tests fast, he'll get one.