Sunday, December 30, 2012

Washington Post: Gil Brandt says he'd draft Denard Robinson as CB

Making the switch from quarterback to cornerback would be huge.  I have a hard time believing that transition will happen.


  1. Train him to be your punter while your at it

  2. Turn back the clock to 2009 and make Denard a CB instead of a QB at Michigan. How do you think he would have done with decent coaching (i.e., someone other than Tony Gibson)?

    1. I think Denard is a good enough athlete that he would have been successful in college, regardless of position (within reason). He could have been a good RB, WR, or CB. He might be a little too small to be an effective safety, although perhaps the coaches would have been able to pack more weight on him. With his speed and quick feet, he would have been a very good cornerback, perhaps All-Big Ten quality.