Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Video: Outback Bowl Practice Report


  1. Am I crazy, or did that video end with Devin throwing a beautiful pass to Denard on a crossing route? Please God, yes?

    1. the thing i like the most about that is the sure-handed catch. in games, all the swing passes he caught seemed to be bobbled. he needs to catch everything thrown at him sure-handedly in the bowl game and the senior bowl to give himself the best possible draft stock. i also hope they don't split him out wide too much and line him up at RB some, or give him sweeps. he deserves to break pat white's record, and should have comfortably before the multi-game injury. I think he only needs a little over 100 yards to do it (not easy against an SEC defensive line). the thing that makes me the maddest is that braxton will likely break the record by the time he's done (but should be noted that both he and pat white will need 4 years to reach their marks where denard only needed 3)

  2. i miss the team that beat urban in the capitol one bowl what a game that was