Saturday, February 14, 2015

Grantland: The Great Defender

Chris Brown from Smart Football  talks about the things that make Bill Belichick a great coach (LINK).

Hit the jump for a few well endowed ladies.


  1. Where is the 'inflate/deflate' valve on these ladies?

  2. This clip from The NFL films thing on Bellichek has been going around this week, I think it's called "A Football Life" the second I saw it, it became one of my all time favorite Youtube clips.

    "Ever heard of Wally Pipp?" Makes me laugh out loud.

  3. I thought the way to go was to know your base, design constraints off that base and be able to execute. Now, I'm told the genius is the guy that can switch away whenever necessary. Maybe that's the point. Mortals have to do the first to be successful; the gods can do the second.