Monday, February 2, 2015

National Signing Day Predictions

Michael Weber
With National Signing Day coming up soon, here's a rundown of the uncommitted prospects (2015 Offer Board) on Michigan's board, plus a few who seem to be on the fence. I'll make a prediction here for each player, although I reserve the right to change it before NSD if new information comes out during/after official visits, etc.

Dexter Williams - RB - Florida: Notre Dame (+1)

Sotonye Jamabo - RB - Texas: UCLA (+1)

Michael Weber - RB - Michigan: Michigan Ohio State (-1)

Hit the jump for a ton more prospects predictions.

Deontay Burnett - WR - California: Washington State

Ryan Davis - WR - Florida: Florida Auburn (-1)

Van Jefferson - WR - Tennessee: Michigan

DaMarkus Lodge - WR - Texas: Ole Miss (+1)

Kirk Merritt - WR - Louisiana: Oregon (+1)

A.D. Miller - WR - Texas: Oklahoma (+1)

Devante Peete - WR - Florida: Louisville (+1)

Auden Tate - WR - Florida: Florida State

Chris Clark - TE - Connecticut: Michigan UCLA (+1)

Matt Snyder - TE - California: Nebraska (+1)

Tyrone Wheatley, Jr. - TE - New York: Michigan

Patrick Allen - OT - Maryland: Tennessee Georgia (-1)

Darrin Paulo - OT - California: Oregon Utah (-1)

CeCe Jefferson - DE - Florida: Ole Miss

Shelton Johnson - DE - Florida: Florida State

Arden Key - DE - Georgia:
 South Carolina LSU (+1)

Jake Pickard - DE - New Jersey: Wisconsin Syracuse (+1)

Terry Beckner, Jr. - DT - Illinois: Missouri (+1)

Rasheem Green - DT - California: USC

Kendrick Norton - DT - Florida: Florida

Jeffery Holland - LB - Florida: Auburn (+1)

Roquan Smith - LB - Georgia: Georgia UCLA (+1)

Jarius Adams - CB - Florida: Michigan Rutgers (+1)

Damon Arnette - CB - Florida: Ohio State (+1)

Rashard Causey - CB - Florida: UCF (+1)

Javarius Davis - CB - Florida: Florida

Jaylon Lane - CB - Texas: N/A. Lane has run into legal trouble and I doubt he'll sign anywhere.

Marcus Lewis - CB - Washington, D.C.: Miami Florida State (-1)

Iman Marshall - CB - California: USC

Chris Williamson - CB - Georgia: Florida (+1)


  1. Argh. Iman Marshall to USC huh. I understand that's what all the experts pick as well, but I still have a gleamer of hope that he goes blue.

    I'd most happily take Chris Clark, TW Jr., J Adams from FL, Jefferson and Weber though. Hopely Weber goes blue though I think Weber might be the toughest to flip at this moment.

    1. I have hope, and I think Michigan has a chance. I would probably put Michigan in his top three, at least, but it's been USC USC USC for his entire recruitment. I'd like to be wrong, though.

  2. I would be shocked if Weber came to Michigan...but it would be great if he did.

  3. I'd be delighted with that that outcome.

  4. Agreed with all Michigan picks and I think I'd include Iman Marshall USC is not USC so to speak I think our staff has a big impact on his recruiting and Freddy Canteen I also think we should have went after a d-tackle were a lil thin there but side note I think we will win 10 games this year with what we have returning and if you watched all the game if we had jus a lil offense we would have 8 or 9 easily maybe 10 Mich st was beatable ,Utah, Minn only team that beat us was ND cause it was 31-0 but 10 win season for sure

  5. What made you decide to "mock" Arnette OSU? Did he have a ton of praise for them after his visit?

    1. He's visiting this coming weekend. I just think they have the last shot, they need cornerbacks, and they have a good relationship with Arnette's high school. I think it will be enough to sway him.

  6. In your opinion who do you think we have the best shot to land a surprise commitment with?

  7. Random question what do you make of the previous staff not going after Chuma edoga even though he was clearly interested and a better prospects than the guys we got and also what about them supposedly tell kj castello to hold off of committing cause I heard he wanted to before they offer deweaver. Thanks like your page.

  8. Ones where I disagree:

    Deontay Burnett - WR - California: Michigan (posted after the fact, but I said Michigan before)

    Van Jefferson - WR - Tennessee: Tenn

    Tyrone Wheatley, Jr. - TE - New York: Alabama

    Chris Williamson - CB - Georgia: Michigan

    1. You're a recruiting insider now, too?

    2. Ha - it's not like Thunder is talking to these kids directly either... You don't like my comments you can have your money back.

    3. Looks like I'm 0 for 2! 2 more to go

  9. I keep looking at Pickard to Syracuse and the only thing I can think could possibly have happened is that he decided he wanted his family at his games. Which is an outstanding reason for selecting a college as far as I'm concerned.

    1. yeah who knows, i guess he surprised some people with that one. most people would elect to play at wisc or mich over cuse but theres always the odd exception. maybe his girl goes to cuse? maybe he really clicked with the team or his class at cuse or has friends there? or maybe he wants family tailgating at all his games?

      well likely never know. when we were all signing with schools like 12 yrs ago my friends all had their reasons and 99% also made the obvious choice to outsiders - except my buddy jay who signed with wake forest over virginia (and bc, va tech, wvu, pitt, etc) - he just felt a different connection and thought it was special place, though not many others understood

    2. I think the most likely thing is that both UM and Wisky backed off. UM definitely did - he wanted to commit last week but was denied. Pickard is a bit of a risk in that he plays OT/DT in HS, yet UM would have wanted him at TE or DE. FYI, Hoke did not want him either.

      One observation from afar - Pickard has not looked as big as advertised in some recent photos. 24/7 has him at 6'6" 230, but I'm guessing he is closer to 6'4" 220 lbs. If JH is going to recruit a TE that size, the kid should be playing TE in HS and making plays in the passing game. If UM wants a "3rd Tackle" they should go after someone bigger.

    3. Pickard was being recruited as a defensive end, and Harbaugh supposedly told him that he was the only DE they were offering.

  10. I'd like to get Clark but think Wheatley Jr. (worrying) would be a bigger miss. Weber should come home where his heart is and break a few of Tyrone's records. Marshall would be a giant surprise and I can imagine him and Peppers taking over the D backfield. Hearing about all the wins we'll get I just think we're gonna surprise some folks.