Tuesday, May 1, 2012

2012 NFL Draft: Picks from the Big Ten

Iowa tackle Riley Reiff was the highest Big Ten draft pick at #23 overall to the Detroit Lions
Here's a list of all (or most, anyway) of the draft picks from the Big Ten and other Michigan opponents over the past couple seasons (UConn, Mississippi State, San Diego State, Virginia Tech, etc.).  Illinois had four players taken in the first two rounds, yet Ron Zook still found a way to make that team suck.

1st round
12. Fletcher Cox - DT - Mississippi State (Eagles)
13. Michael Floyd - WR - Notre Dame (Cardinals)
23. Riley Reiff - OT - Iowa (Lions)
26. Whitney Mercilus - DE - Illinois (Texans)
27. Kevin Zeitler - OG - Wisconsin (Bengals)
29. Harrison Smith - SS - Notre Dame (Vikings)
30. A.J. Jenkins - WR - Illinois (49ers)
32. David Wilson - RB - Virginia Tech (Giants)

2nd round
44. Jeff Allen - OT - Illinois (Chiefs)
48. Tavon Wilson - FS - Illinois (Patriots)
49. Kendall Reyes - DT - UConn (Chargers)
51. Jerel Worthy - DT - Michigan State (Packers)
53. Devon Still - DT - Penn State (Bengals)
55. Peter Konz - C - Wisconsin (Falcons)
56. Mike Adams - OT - Ohio State (Steelers)
58. Lavonte David - LB - Nebraska (Buccaneers)

3rd round68. DeVier Posey - WR - Ohio State (Texans)
75. Russell Wilson - QB - Wisconsin (Seahawks)
82. Mike Martin - DT - Michigan (Titans)
94. Jayron Hosley - CB - Virginia Tech (Giants)

4th round
102. Kirk Cousins - QB - Michigan State (Redskins)
121. Keshawn Martin - WR - Michigan State (Texans)
122. Nick Toon - WR - Wisconsin (Saints)
126. Jared Crick - DT - Nebraska (Texans)
129. Miles Burris - LB - San Diego State (Raiders)
137. Mike Daniels - DT - Iowa (Packers)

5th round
139. Robert Blanton - CB - Notre Dame (Vikings)
141. Adam Gettis - OG - Iowa (Redskins)
149. Jonnie Troutman - OG - Penn State (Chargers)
152. Danny Coale - WR - Virginia Tech (Cowboys)
153. Dennis Kelly - OT - Purdue (Eagles)
156. Shaun Prater - CB - Iowa (Bengals)
157. Bradie Ewing - FB - Wisconsin (Falcons)
158. Jack Crawford - DE - Penn State (Raiders)
165. Darius Fleming - LB - Notre Dame (49ers)

6th round
180. Trent Robinson - FS - Michigan State (49ers)
183. B.J. Cunningham - WR - Michigan State (Dolphins)
185. Ryan Lindley - QB - San Diego State (Cardinals)
191. Dan Herron - RB - Ohio State (Bengals)
192. Charles Mitchell - SS - Mississippi State (Falcons)
194. Marvin McNutt - WR - Iowa (Eagles)
195. Nick Mondek - OT - Purdue (Texans)
197. Nate Ebner - S - Ohio State (Patriots)
207. Brad Nortman - P - Wisconsin (Panthers)

7th round217. Adam Bernstine - S - Iowa (Redskins)
218. Jerome Long - DT - San Diego State (Chiefs)
224. Alfonzo Dennard - S - Nebraska (Patriots)
226. David Molk - C - Michigan (Chargers)
230. Nathan Stupar - LB - Penn State (Raiders)
231. Toney Clemons - WR - Colorado (Steelers)*
233. Drake Dunsmore - TE - Northwestern (Buccaneers)
234. Marcel Jones - OT - Nebraska (Saints)
235. Jeremy Ebert - WR - Northwestern (Patriots)
238. Junior Hemingway - WR - Michigan (Chiefs)
250. Edwin Baker - RB - Michigan State (Chargers)
170. Vick Ballard - RB - Mississippi State (Colts)

*Clemons transferred from Michigan to Colorado prior to the 2009 season


  1. Two comments:

    1) Harrison Smith (ND Safety) in the 1st round?!? W...T...F?

    2) Who the h*ll is Nate Ebner from Ohio State? I honestly have never heard of that guy. Was he a starter last season? Was that supposed to be Oklahoma State or Oregon State, instead of Ohio State?

    1. Agreed on Smith. He was definitely taken too high, in my opinion.

      Nate Ebner was a backup safety. I have no idea how he got selected. He made something like 11 tackles and 1 sack last year.

    2. But yeah, Ebner played at Ohio State.

  2. Thanks for the summary. Very interesting.

    I like the third round guys. I think there is a decent chance that Martin, Wilson, and Posey (assuming his head is on straight) all become good starters.

    Surprised a bit that Alfonso Dennard from Nebraska slipped all the way to the 7th. I like him more than the ND safety taken in the 1st round.

    Lindley's stock really dropped after Borges left SDSU. Would have been a mid-round pick last draft.

    I'm interested to see how David Wilson out of VT plays for the Giants. I thought he was very impressive in the Sugar Bowl game.

    1. I agree with just about everything you said, Painter Smurf.

    2. I liked Dennard too and was wishing the Lions might bite. I think Belichek picked up a nice DB there. What the heck, I don't think anger management issues aren't that big a deal in the NFL.

  3. Thanks for posting this. What I found interesting was how many San Diego State players made it. As these were products of Hoke's staff there, it is exciting to see.

  4. The one I can't figure is Jenkins at 30. That's just nuts as far as I'm concerned.

    I don't ever remember that guy getting behind us or even being nervous about him being out there, even though they threw at him all game long.

    I'm pretty sure J.T Floyd got a pick six off a ball to Jenkins.

    The guy I always hated to see trot out onto the field at wide receiver was Posey. I'm taking him over Jenkins all day long. Tattooed or not.