Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Midseason Statistical Leaders

Dennis Norfleet - Image via

Assuming Michigan goes to the Big Ten Championship Game, the season is exactly halfway through.  Here's a look at team 133's statistical leaders so far.

Leading Rushers
Denard Robinson - 900 yards (7.4 yards per carry)
Fitzgerald Toussaint - 283 yards (3.5 yards per carry)
Thomas Rawls - 174 yards (7.0 yards per carry)

Leading Receivers
Jeremy Gallon - 309 yards, 16 catches
Devin Gardner - 251 yards, 15 catches
Drew Dileo - 216 yards, 10 catches

Leading Tacklers
Jake Ryan - 52
Desmond Morgan - 44
Thomas Gordon - 40

Leading Scorers
Brendan Gibbons - 55 points
Denard Robinson - 36 points
Toussaint and Gardner - 24 points 

Leading Sackers
Jake Ryan - 3.5
Craig Roh - 2.0

Leading Interceptors
Thomas Gordon - 2
Raymon Taylor - 2

Leading Punt Returners
Dennis Norfleet - 53 (26.5 yards per return)
Jeremy Gallon - 44 (8.8 yards per return)

Leading Kick Returners
Dennis Norfleet - 494 (23.5 yards per return)
Jeremy Gallon - 12 (12 yards per return)


  1. Your total offense must be wrong. Gallon has more receiving yards than you post for #2 Toussaint and he also has rushing yardage and return yardage.

    1. The receivers aren't included on the Total Offense list provided by MGoBlue and linked at the top. But I agree that it's either a mistake or a flawed stat, so it's removed.

  2. It sure is nice to see linebackers as the top two tacklers on the team and not a safety.

    1. Yes it is, and with the way things are looking at linebacker, that's likely how they will continue to be.

  3. Amazing thing there is that Kovacs isn't in the top 3 tacklers.

  4. Surprised that Desmond Morgan is second on the team in tackles, he has really come into his own this season. This team is so deep at LB, very pleased with that.