Saturday, October 27, 2012

Recruit Tracker: Logan Tuley-Tillman

Logan Tuley-Tillman
August 24, 2012: Tuley-Tillman's Peoria (IL) Manual team lost to Pekin (IL) Pekin by a score of 42-0.

September 1, 2012: Manual lost to Charleston (IL) Charleston by a score of 49-0.  Manual is now 0-2.

September 8, 2012: Manual lost to Chicago (IL) Marshall by a score of 40-20.  Manual is now 0-3.

September 15, 2012: Manual lost to Peoria (IL) Peoria by a score of 44-0.  Peoria featured fellow Michigan offeree Josh Augusta.  Manual is now 0-4.

September 21, 2012: Manual lost to Chillicothe (IL) Illinois Valley Central by a score of 35-8.  Tuley-Tillman had 14 tackles and 10 pancake blocks.  Manual is now 0-5.

September 28, 2012: Manual lost to Peoria (IL) Richwoods by a score of 48-6.  Tuley-Tillman had 4 tackles, 3 tackles for loss, and 9 pancake blocks.  Manual is now 0-6.

October 5, 2012: Manual lost to Quincy (IL) Notre Dame by a score of 48-8.  Tuley-Tillman had 8 pancake blocks, 4 tackles, and 2.5 sacks.  Manual is now 0-7.

October 12, 2012: Manual lost to Peoria (IL) Notre Dame by a score of 63-14.  Tuley-Tillman had 11 pancake blocks.  Manual is now 0-8.

October 19, 2012: Manual lost to Eureka (IL) Eureka-Roanoke Benson by a score of 38-0.  Tuley-Tillman had 11 pancake blocks, 3 tackles, and 1 sack.  Manual finishes its season 0-9.


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    1. Yeah, his team isn't very good. Which is why I think it's funny that I took so much flak for saying "It looks like he's never received any decent coaching."