Friday, October 26, 2012

Preview: Michigan at Nebraska

I haven't had time this week to type up a preview, so I apologize.  But here's a picture of a hot Nebraska cheerleader and a score prediction:

Michigan 34, Nebraska 28

Roster Notes

  • Michigan recruited Nebraska LB Jared Afalava, DE Jason Ankrah, CB Charles Jackson, DE Greg McMullen, RB Tobi Okuyemi, DT Chase Rome, DT Baker Steinkuhler, OT Paul Thurston, DT Vincent Valentine, and DT Kevin Williams

Here's a look at last year's game recap and last year's awards from this game.


  1. "Taylor Martinez throws like a girl", I had forgotten about that one.

    He's throwing a lot less like a girl lately ... now he throws more like a tailback ... much like our guy, but he is starting to look more and more like a QB as he has a 65% completion average against not a ton of pressure. The good news here is that he is neither as explosive running the football nor as experienced as our guy.

    Still, this is a dangerous game as Nebraska most likely won't be dropping the football in every conceivable situation all over the football field like they did for us last year, and more importantly, this is Nebraska.

    I don't think we recognize yet how much Nebraska is like us. Kids go to Nebraska to play in big games and to compete for Championships. The expectations over there are the same as those around here. I don't necessarily think that's this is the case at Wisconsin, Iowa or with Sparty as much as they would like to convince themselves that it is.

    Memorial Stadium is an underrated place for being tough on road teams. For whatever reason, visiting teams there tend to fumble much like they do around here. Maybe it's awe, maybe it's hard nosed, athletic guys getting after the football, maybe there's just some strange karmic thing going on, but it's real.

    And if they get that place rockin', look out. And if they get down, the pride comes out, they get mad about it, go to blocking and tackling and absolutely can come back on you.

    The good news here is that their offensive strengths play into our own on defense. My hope is that we keep them running East/West and then force Martinez to try to beat us with his arm. I'm guessing they are having the identical thoughts in Lincoln. So far our guy has won big games throwing the football despite being erratic, their guy has yet to prove it in the national game.

    Still, in my mind this is a very tough game and every bit as defining a test as was last weeks game.

  2. Basically this is the Legends division championship. they havent faced a top 10 defense yet

  3. Looks like O Girl is wearing David Yurman earrings. Those are pricey.. Improper benefits much?

    Seriously though, I'm not sure about this game... how tough is Memorial stadium to play in? I think we're the better team, but I'm not sold that we win this game. If Nebraska can't stop the run (and we don't turn the ball over) I have a great feeling about this one. Nebraska's passing attack is pretty good, and their RB Ameer Abdullah might be better than Burkhead, but I think Michigan's defense will be able to make a few stops.

    I'd love to hear more of a breakdown as to why you have the feeling we win... (I need assurance, kthxbye.)

  4. "Still, this is a dangerous game as Nebraska most likely won't be dropping the football in every conceivable situation all over the football field like they did for us last year..."

    Actually, Nebraska is turning the ball over with alarming regularity this season. They are currently -9 in TO margin on the season and lead (in the bad way) the FBS with 13 fumbles lost. If UM can continue to limit TO's as they have done since the ND game, they should win the TO battle. Will that be enough to win a night game in Lincoln? (shrugs shoulders)

  5. Like most road games, which Denard shows up is the deciding factor. All else being equal, I think UM's defense is better equipped to stop Neb's offensive than vice-versa. And Nebraska is a tad overrated. But UM will not win if Denard is turning the ball over or struggling with his accuracy.