Thursday, October 18, 2012

Video: Michigan vs. Illinois 2012 - Every Snap

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  1. Despite nobody having asked, here's my opinion.

    Fitz ran pretty hard, handed out some hits, saw his cuts better than he has all season and is our best back.

    Bellamy made a pretty nice throw to Funchess with a big body way up in his grill then suffered a very bad drop by Roundtree. Had his receivers made plays there I think we'd be liking his shift.

    Having said that, I'm really, really gonna miss Denard.

    I'm sticking with my play of the game. i know Thunder hated it, I'm sure Brady hated it and whomver is handling special teams (i know I should know, but don't) really hated it. But I watched Furman blast that kid on the return 5/6 times and laughed out loud every time. I'm thinking that kid is going to be peeking for the rest of his career ... if not life.