Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Poll Results: Who will win the Big Ten this year?

Wow, you Michigan fans sure are confident in your team.  I figured a bunch of readers would choose the Wolverines, but I didn't think it would be three out of every four people.

So who do Touch the Banner  readers think will be Big Ten champs?

Michigan: 76%
Nebraska: 7%
Michigan State: 5%
Other: 5%
Ohio State: 4%
Northwestern: 2%
Wisconsin: 0%


  1. Isn't it going to be difficult for OSU when they are ineligible? I think the 4 best teams at this point are Neb, Michigan, MSU and OSU but the most likely choices for the title are Neb, Michigan, MSU and Wiscy? Wisconsin should probably lead since there is less competition in that division while Neb, Mich and MSU have to fight it out to get in.

  2. I like Michigan's chances of winning the Big Ten. From what i've been reading since the ND game, it seems alot of people have already thrown in the towel. I believe this team will win convincingly against Purdue and gain some steam as the season goes. Denard will start playing more like he did vs Nebraska and OSU last season and everyone will hop back on his bandwagon.

  3. Personally... And I know a lot of people may hate this, but I think Note Dame is a really solid team. I mean think about it, we lose to Alabama, who could probably beat the Lions, and Notre South Bend after doing a Mortal Kombat esque fatality on their team in the last minutes of the last the years in a row... We knew they were out for blood, and it was just a quirky game. Down the stretch that may be the fuel we need to go far in the B1G. At least these losses were out of conference early in the season... Not mid season to State, followed by Iowa...

  4. will it be Nebraska? Just a guess!!:)