Friday, September 27, 2013

Attractive Michigan Girls of the Week

If you have any other pictures of girls wearing Michigan gear, drop me an e-mail. Go Blue!


  1. Have you done a story on the 2011 class and its failings at any point? I was looking over it today and it is amazing how little contribution we are getting, especially offensively from that class. I am afraid to do a post about that on MGoBlog because they attack almost anyone who says something critical and then say its a dead horse. The 2010 class is a dead horse, but the 2011 class is shaping up to be about as bad. I can find only 1 player starting from that class on offense and its the much maligned Jack Miller who might lose his job in a week and who is no star. Bryant is the other guy who has a chance to start. That is ALL. The RBs are both effectively busts, there was not a single WR, the TE - is he even on the team? There were no tackles taken. The defense is not so bad but really not much there either after you take out Countess and Morgan who are upper end BIg 10 starters. Is that different than the 2010 class with only Jake Ryan and Devin as upper end Big 10 starters? You can add Beyer and Ramon Taylor as competent players. Frank Clark and Heitzman are just lower end Big 10 player. So I count about 7-8 kids who contribute with 2 maybe upper end Big 10 players and another 3-4 average. That is a pathetic class in its own right. And gives us back to back poor classes IMO. The 2011 class seems to be lost in the steam of crap known as the 2010 class but really this is why we have no upperclassmen depth.

    1. I'd do the post, I don't think they'll attack you.

    2. "I am afraid to do a post about that on MGoBlog because they attack almost anyone who says something critical and then say its a dead horse." You're joking, Mark ... right? Please say you're joking. With very few exceptions, you'll find friends on that site no matter what position you take (say, on Rich Rodriguez). Post it and take your lumps! MGoBlog isn't perfect, but it's way better than cesspools like MLive (or whatever that's called in 2013).

      As for 2011, yeah, it sucks. It was a transition class, though, put together under the worst possible circumstances. It's OK to take shots at it, though. We may as well be honest.

  2. Being that 2011 was a transition year where the coach was fired like a month before NSD, did anyone expect it to be very good?

  3. What other signing class has more than 2 "upper end Big 10 players?" What other class has more than 3-4 average players?

    We have an average team. Six average or better players from the 2011 is fine. Six times four classes is 24. That's your starting lineup of average players across four classes.