Saturday, September 21, 2013

Poll results: Which position group is most concerning right now?

In the week between Akron and UConn, I posted a poll asking about the most concerning position group on the Michigan squad. The results aren't exactly surprising, but there's an oft-quoted mantra that "Games are won in the trenches" and Michigan fans are worried about those spots.

Offensive line: 45%
We'll see tonight if there are any changes on the line. Some people (including me) have been beating the drum for redshirt sophomore Chris Bryant to get a look.

Defensive line: 39%
If Brennen Beyer is considered a linebacker, Michigan has exactly one sack from its defensive line, that coming from backup weakside end Mario Ojemudia.

Running back: 5%
It's nice to see that not many people are up in arms about Fitzgerald Toussaint, but I do think there might be some concern about his backups.

Quarterback: 3%
There's no question that Devin Gardner should be more consistent, but it would make his job easier if some other guys could step up.

Wide receiver/tight end: 2%
This position isn't really on my radar right now. I think Michigan's receivers are just fine.

Defensive back: 1%
Yeah, not a big issue.

Special teams: 0%
Punt returns have been a little iffy, and Matt Wile has had a couple shanked punts. Otherwise, things have been fine.

Linebacker: 0%
Michigan is pretty solid here.


  1. Devon's skill set is about at the level of a red shirt freshman, along with the interior line. To some extent, we shouldn't be surprised at what we're seeing. IMO

  2. If you ran that poll this week, you might see that the quarterback position has risen to the top.

  3. Countess has been great, but the opposite corner (no matter who we play there) has been pretty bad. Also, the OLine should have been voted for 100% in this poll. The 3 interior players have been VERY disappointing in both the run and pass game.

  4. How could you possibly say the WR's are alright? The only receiver getting any separation is Gallon. Chesson and Reynolds almost NEVER get any separation and they are even worse at coming back to the QB when the play breaks down. The OLine though should have 100% in this poll. The interior has been a total joke. I don't understand how teams like LSU can start 3 freshman last year and maul people but we can't seem to get any of our high ranked recruits to develop. Irritating. Lastly, Countess has been awesome in every facet, but the opposite corner (no matter who they've tried there) has been deplorable. The problems on this team really all stem from the interior OLine though. If we get better play there, then the running game improves, the play action game improves, and ultimately Gardner will improve a ton.

    1. If you don't think Chesson gets any separation, then you must not have watched last night's game. He had the defense beaten deep at least twice, but the timing/chemistry wasn't there between him and Gardner.