Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Michigan Daily: Lewan's influence isn't just on offense

This Everett Cook piece talks about how All-American left tackle Taylor Lewan has helped defensive end Frank Clark grow as a football player.

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Madalina Ghenea


  1. As Madalina quietly muses on the utility of three inch heels at the beach.

  2. A big part of the excitement of this game is that it is generally the single biggest recruiting weekend of the season. I wonder what the plan going forward for the school is regarding continuing the tradition of having a marquee OOC game in the week 2 of the season is. I think it allows us to cement the idea of Michigan and Big Games in the minds of some of the less local recruits.

    1. Would be great to get a marquee game early in the season for a home/home series and the AD will have to do something to make the home tickets worth something in the years that MSU and OSU are away. Hopefully it will be a top 25 team but that can be hard to predict a few years out. ND was almost always ranked in the top 25 even if they didn't deserve it so it made for good ratings.