Monday, September 30, 2013

Poll results: Which three linemen should be starting on the interior?

Taylor Lewan and Kyle Kalis
I posted a poll asking Michigan fans which three linemen should be starting on the interior of the offensive line, and it looks like fans want a change. Voters could pick multiple answers, and here are the responses.

OG Kyle Kalis: 95%
OG Chris Bryant: 82%
OG/C Graham Glasgow: 59%

OG/OT Ben Braden: 22%
C Jack Miller: 17%
OG/C Joey Burzynski: 9%
Other: 4%

At this point, I would be in support of center Jack Miller being sent to the sideline if Graham Glasgow can handle snapping duties. I think sometimes people underestimate the importance of getting good snaps, so that's a big "if." But Miller struggles with stout nose tackles, and he just flat-out misses some obvious blocks at times.

If redshirt sophomore Chris Bryant is healthy after suffering various leg injuries over the past couple seasons, I think he should get a shot. However, Michigan has to realize the strengths of each of these players. My guess is that Bryant excels at blocking plays like power and iso, but he probably struggles with zone blocking, which requires more agility and lateral movement. If Michigan wants to continue running zone stretches to the left behind Taylor Lewan, then perhaps Kyle Kalis should flip to left guard to make that play more viable. Then the Wolverines could run outside zone, iso, and power to the left, while running power and iso to the right.


  1. Let's hope that they can take out the weakest link (Jack Miller) and shake up the line up a bit. Can't get much worse.

    1. Yes! The coaches say they are going to play the best 5 linemen. I can't imagine Glasgow is a terrible center having had quite a few reps during fall camp. So is Miller better than Magnuson, Braden, and Bryant? Throw Schofield inside with Magnuson/Braden on the right tackle spot or throw Bryant in at guard. Either way, Miller has to go.

  2. In all seriousness, I think Miller is the worst blocker of the six OL listed.

  3. What does Miller have to do to prove he's a sub-MAC-level lineman? He's been dominated by two of the worst teams in CFB. I guarantee you we have other interior lineman who wouldn't get manhandled by Akron and UConn.

    1. I think that's a little harsh. Akron and UConn both had pretty good nose tackles. I won't argue that Miller is great, but those nose tackles the past two games weren't your typical MAC-level players.