Tuesday, September 24, 2013

eDraft: Can Schofield be Michigan's second 1st round pick?

Vance Meeks discusses the possibility of Michael Schofield becoming a first round pick next April.

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Lina Posada


  1. I think Schofield will be a late round pick, he may make a career out of being a journeyman.

  2. I will first say I have limited football knowledge but when i watch Schofield he just doesn't seem to have the drive. I see him get pushed back a little too easy or just plain blown up. Ive only seen Lewan not finish a few blocks, many more by Schofield. I remember in an interview that he just recently started to realize his NFL potential so hopefully that gives him more drive and he improves.

  3. For anyone not wanting to click the link the article can be summarized here:

    Lewan is most likely going to be a first round pick. Schofield is often overlooked because Lewan is on the team. Schofield has to do a lot of work to be a 1st round pick, because usually right tackles aren't taken in the first round.

    I wish the article had a little more meat. Also, I approve of Lina Posada.