Friday, September 6, 2013 Ask 5 - Is the zone read here to stay in the NFL?

Daniel Jeremiah talks to five NFL executives about whether or not the zone read will stick for good in the NFL.

Hit the jump for Danielle Lloyd wearing a towel.

Danielle Lloyd

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  1. From the article: "... if they call unnecessary roughness on the defensive ends that are crashing on the play fakes and drilling the QB, it will survive for a long time."

    I used to think the key to whether the zone read stays or dies was the fallout rate for QBs getting injured.

    But if DEs start having to pull up before finishing on plays for fear of getting a penalty, then the advantage swings heavily to the QB.

    Of course, heaven have mercy on the QB who tucks and runs in that environment. Once the QB is fair game, there'll be some payback for hobbling the DEs at the start of the zone read play.