Thursday, September 19, 2013

Poll results: Thoughts on Devin Gardner wearing the #98 jersey?

A couple weeks ago, I posed a question about Michigan fans' thoughts on Devin Gardner being awarded the #98 jersey in honor of former Heisman winner Tom Harmon. Here were the results:

Perfect fit. Good job, Michigan: 54%

Good choice, but #98 should have stayed retired: 23%

Good choice, but quarterbacks shouldn't wear #98: 19%

Stupid, stupid, stupid: 2%

I'm in the camp that thinks #98 should have remained retired. Maybe sometime down the road, you need to start unretiring jersey numbers because they get too scarce. But there's nothing wrong with a couple retired numbers, especially when one was a) the best player in the country for at least one season and b) a war hero. Keep it in the vault. And besides, it's not like the #98 is in high demand from football players. That number is most often worn by a defensive tackle in the game of football, not exactly the highest profile position.

However, I do think Gardner was the best choice for the current team. If it had to be unretired, it might as well go to someone like Gardner, who's Michigan's most dynamic player these days. If Gardner turns it on down the stretch - and basically eliminates his silly turnovers - he could still get into the Heisman conversation, and the same could happen if he sticks around for 2014.


  1. Don't know how rest of the season will go w/ Gardner, but I feel like he could really use an extra year to hone his QB skills before going pro. That should be good for Michigan going into 2014, as I am already scared for the Michigan team without Gallon, Lewan, Schofield, etc. Gardner going pro early would leave just true freshman Speight and true sophomore Morris unless Bellomy becomes serviceable.

  2. I think we'll be all right in 2015 with Hoke recruits maturing, but 2014 really scares me. The O-line would be without Lewan and Schofield. Gardner might not be around, leaving unproven youngsters in Speight and Morris. No proven WR, no proven RB, no proven D-linemen. The only thing I am really excited about is the fact that Peppers will be around. 2014 could be a down year, imo.

  3. Good post.

    I doubt you've missed it, but just in case, Fishduck does a lot of stuff like this except specifically on Oregon offensive football. He is a little smug about it, but I cut him slack and think to myself that we'd have Darryl Rogers puking on his shoes if we were scoring points like that year after year.

  4. How much do you think Gardner would have to turn it on to be in the Heisman conversation? If he limits his interceptions to 4 for the rest of the season, has a signature game somewhere, and two other epic 4th quarter comebacks, I think he could be in the discussion.

    1. Give his progress so far, he'll probably throw an interception (or two) every game. A Heisman is out of the question. I think Gardner can have a Heisman-worthy season next year if he continues to train and develop as a passer.