Wednesday, October 16, 2013

MLive: Michigan isn't tough enough to play power football

Nick Baumgardner discusses what a lot of Michigan fans are thinking - Michigan isn't big enough or strong enough to be running the offense that Brady Hoke, Al Borges, and company are trying to run.

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  1. really hope the same thought goes through the staff. The O-line isn't good enough for a power running game and that won't change this season. Funk better get fired after this season, as the line's performance is absolutely unacceptable. There are other teams that do far more with less.

  2. Fire Borges?? Fire Funk??? Does the running game have problems? My wife who has no clue what is happening on a football field can see that. But is it teally a coaching issue? I don't think so...these coaches have not forgotten how to coach. We have way too much youth on the field right now. Is it ugly and heartbreaking to watch...absolutely. But firing the coach is the most ridiculous thing I have read on these message boards.I for one think we have one of the top staffs in the country. I guess your next suggestion will be to fire coach Hoke

  3. It is beyond stupid. What I find amusing is the run something different crowd chats. Like what? A spread set with offensive linemen who weren't recruited to run that system. Have Gardner run out of the spread and get hit and then where will we be. Throw the ball 45 times a game.

    Fans are fickle. Brian is KKKrrrraaaazy.

  4. Funk isn't getting fired nor is any other coach. It takes time to mature Oline men and playing three rookies next to each other creates combinatorial problems. You'll find very few Olines where the 3 guys on the inside have played in 14 total games between them that are "doing far mire with less". The LG and center have played two games in those positions.

    Perhaps we could reasonably hope for somewhat quicker progress, but realistically not a whole lot more. Coaching and practice can only take you so far, the rest you have to learn on the field.

    1. I respectfully disagree in regards to not holding the coaching staff more responsible and yes our beloved Hoke will be the next to go of the lack of progress continues. What is our next excuse? Two new starting tackles in 2014. Then a new qb in 2015. We will always have youth but youth should not be the excuse for poor execution. Hoke was brought in for 3 reasons. Win big ten titles, compete for national titles, and do both with respect and class. This team is regressing in every aspect offensively except talent. This is arguably the most talented of all 3 teams Hoke has had yet the product is more shaky than ever specifically as to the offensive line and qb play.