Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Yardbarker: High school coach suspends entire team for lack of character

This has nothing to do with Michigan football, but a coach in Utah suspended his whole team for he thought to be questionable character. It's nice to see coaches holding kids accountable for their behavior.

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Cassie Cardelle


  1. Cassie has some nice character there. Maybe she can play. Well I'm sure she can.

  2. I went to parochial/religious schools where they were always pulling dumbass crap like this, Cynical Roany keeps thinking Coach Labrum is angling for that ESPN interview, or bare minimum a piece on Yardbarker.

    If I'm making class and minding my own business, this idiot of a Coach just lost me. Coaches always be talking about WE. I'm willing to bet serious money up to ten bucks that you won't find any pictures of Coach Labrum working a rake.

    Kick the asses that need kicking. This is exactly why God created stadium stairs and burpies.

  3. Were they drinking coffee? (Utah school,religious humor)

  4. I'm with Roanman, This seems like a publicity stunt, or a way to calm parents upset about the "cyber-bullying". That said, if I'm a kid who's been doing everything right and then this happens to me, I think long and hard about whether to do what the coach asks me to do or tell him to shove it. I wasn't particularly good friends with the guys on my high school team, so the idea that my team-mates should have been learning from my example or that I should have been exerting some authority over them would have been laughable. On the one hand for this team, I hope it works, but I don't want anyone to pick this up as a precedent.

    1. The thing is, when you're a member of a team, your negative actions hurt the rest of the team. Most of the guys on the New England Patriots are probably good guys, but how many insults (serious or joking) have been hurled at them because of Aaron Hernandez? How much is their passing offense hurt because they lost a very good receiving tight end? Obviously, that's an extreme example, but it can be applied on a smaller scale to virtually any team.