Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Poll results: Which school record from the Indiana game is most impressive?

Apopka (FL) Apopka quarterback Jeremy Gallon has turned into a
record-setting receiver
Jeremy Gallon's 369 receiving yards: 79%
This was my vote, too. You just don't see guys get this many receiving yards, even in the pass-happy modern era. Calvin Johnson had 329 yards in the Lions' Sunday win over the Dallas Cowboys, so clearly, Gallon is better than Megatron.

Michigan's 751 total yards on offense: 8%
This is a crap ton of yards.

Devin Gardner's 503 passing yards: 7%
The rest of the top five:
2. John Navarre, 389 yards (Iowa, 2003)
3. Tom Brady, 375 yards (Ohio State, 1998)
4. Chad Henne, 373 yards (Florida, 2007)
5. Scott Dreisbach, 372 yards (Virginia, 1995)

Devin Gardner's 584 total yards: 4%
It's tough to imagine a quarterback putting up many more yards unless he's running a hurry-up offenses that maximizes the number of plays.

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  1. The Henne record would be from 2008, as the bowl game was held in January. Looking back, Henne's record seems to be much more impressive than Gardner's vs. Indiana, as the opponent was Meyer and Tebow's Florida.