Saturday, October 19, 2013

Poll results: Will Al Borges return as Michigan's offensive coordinator in 2014?

Michigan offensive coordinator Al Borges
After yet another weak performance running the ball against Penn State last week, offensive coordinator Al Borges's name started to be tossed around (if it wasn't already) as a potential target for firing. A poll asked if readers thought Michigan would be fired before 2014, and below are your results:

Yes: 34%

No: 42%

To be determined: 23%



  1. I was one who voted "no" ... for two reasons: (1) it would take an offensive implosion clearly related to coaching, and I don't see that happening; and (2) Hoke is loyal to those that are loyal, and it would take quite a catalyst to move him to "fire Borges" mode.

    I suspect we will see serviceable but not inspiring offense from here on out. We'll probably end up 9-3 or 8-4, neither of which is bad enough to bring about change, either from Hoke or -- even more unlikely -- forced down from Brandon.

    Next year is going to be the pressure cooker, though ... 4 years in and the play should be seen as clearly improving and moving in the direction suggested by the talent on the roster. If we see sideways or backwards movement ... look out. The pressure will get intense.

    1. I think you misread the poll, the question is not whether or not borges will be fired, but if he will return as a coach at Michigan.

  2. Don't know how I feel about him honestly I mean some games he throws crazy wrinkles to offset the defense then there are days I think he has fallen asleep ....wouldn't mind having Baylor's offensive coordinator

  3. Thunder, you never gave your input as to how you felt on this issue

  4. Well, he's not being fired after a 800+ yard performance... I have questioned Funk on many levels and called for his firing but the jury is still out on Borges imo. He made some bone-headed decisions, but also did many good things. We were neck and neck with a legit SEC team South Carolina with a battered roster, 2011 Nebraska game was outstanding, etc. The jury is still out on Borges. If the O-line becomes serviceable down the line, Funk might survive too. If the O-line becomes dominant in 2014, Funk deserves to stay. We'll just have to see.