Thursday, October 31, 2013

Poll results: Who will be Michigan's leading tackler in 2013?

Desmond Morgan (#48) and James Ross III (#15) are the top two tacklers so far.
Prior to the season, I asked which player would lead Michigan in tackles. So far the voting has been pretty accurate for the leader, although cornerback Raymon Taylor - whom I didn't even put on the list - is close to the lead with 44 total takedowns.

James Ross III: 56%
After seven games, Ross has 50 total tackles.

Desmond Morgan: 27%
Morgan has 47 tackles at this point.

Joe Bolden: 6%
Bolden has 23 tackles as the main backup inside linebacker.

Thomas Gordon: 3%
T. Gordon sits at 25 tackles.

Cameron Gordon: 2%
C. Gordon has just 13 tackles right now.

Brennen Beyer: 1%
Beyer has made 18 tackles through seven contests.

Other: 1%
The "other 1%" have made 257 tackles altogether.

Blake Countess: 0%
Countess is the third-leading tackler among defensive backs with 27.


  1. Go Ross! lmao. Good to see that linebackers are making most tackles (instead of the secondary).

  2. Yes, that is a good thing, but I would rather him have a few less tackles and more PBUs on the tight ends. He is getting scorched being a half step slow on reacting to the seam routes. If MSU hits their tightends up the seam, we lose this game.

    1. Absolutely. Rooms for improvement are certainly there -- the MSU game scares me a lot. Hopely the coaching staff and players can pull something out of their asses for this one -- Michigan State will throw everything at us.