Thursday, December 5, 2013

2013 Scholarship Count

Players are listed in order of remaining eligibility.  With 79 scholarships allotted and 13 seniors scheduled to graduate, Michigan's recruiting class of 2014 should be around 19.


- DT Richard Ash, S Josh Furman, and RB Thomas Rawls were given transfer releases.

- LB Antonio Poole's career ends due to a pectoral injury.

- Allen Gant moved from SS to LB.

- LB Mike Jones and S Marvin Robinson have left the team.

- P Will Hagerup will sit out the 2013 season for disciplinary reasons, and will possibly return as a fifth year senior in 2014. For now I am still listing him as a senior.

- LB Kaleb Ringer has left the team.

- DT Ken Wilkins has left the team.

- QB Devin Gardner got a redshirt and will now be eligible in 2014.

REDSHIRT SENIORS = 8 (Final season 2013)
RB Fitzgerald Toussaint
WR Jeremy Gallon
OT Taylor Lewan
OT Michael Schofield
DT Quinton Washington
LB Cameron Gordon

S Thomas Gordon 

K Brendan Gibbons

WR Joe Reynolds
OL Erik Gunderson
LS Jareth Glanda

SENIORS = 5 (Final season 2013) 
WR Jeremy Jackson
WR Drew Dileo
DT Jibreel Black
CB Courtney Avery

P Will Hagerup

REDSHIRT JUNIORS = 3 (Final season 2014)
QB Devin Gardner 
TE Jordan PaskorzLB Jake Ryan 
WR Anthony Capatina
TE Dylan Esterline
OL Joey Burzynski
OL Kristian Mateus

JUNIORS = 6 (Final season 2014)
DE Brennen Beyer
DE Frank Clark
LB Desmond Morgan
CB Delonte Hollowell
CB Raymon Taylor
K Matt Wile

REDSHIRT SOPHOMORES = 7 (Final season 2015)
QB Russell Bellomy
RB Justice Hayes
OG Chris Bryant
C Jack Miller
DE Keith Heitzman

CB Blake Countess

QB Alex Swieca
FB Joe Kerridge
WR Jonathan Keizer
TE Alex Mitropolous-Rundus
OL Graham Glasgow

SOPHOMORES = 12 (Final season = 2015)
FB Sione Houma
WR Amara Darboh
TE Devin Funchess
TE A.J. Williams
DE Mario Ojemudia
DT Ondre Pipkins
LB Joe Bolden
LB Royce Jenkins-Stone
LB James Ross

CB Dennis Norfleet

CB Terry Richardson
S Jarrod Wilson

REDSHIRT FRESHMEN = 12 (Final season 2016)
RB Drake Johnson
OL Blake Bars

OL Ben Braden
OL Kyle Kalis
OL Erik Magnuson
WR Jehu Chesson
DE Matt Godin
DT Willie Henry
DE Tom Strobel
DE Chris Wormley
LB Allen Gant
S Jeremy Clark

QB Shaun Austin
QB Brian Cleary
RB Bobby Henderson
WR Brad Anlauf
WR Bo Dever
TE Clark Grace
TE Michael Jocz
OL Dan Gibbs
OL Ben Pliska
DT Ryan Glasgow
LB Mark Lawson
LB Dan Liesman
S A.J. Pearson
P Kenny Allen

FRESHMEN = 27 (Final season 2016)
QB Shane Morris
RB Derrick Green
RB Wyatt Shallman
RB DeVeon Smith
WR Jaron Dukes
WR Da'Mario Jones
WR Csont'e York
TE Jake Butt
TE Khalid Hill
OL Kyle Bosch
OL David Dawson
OL Chris Fox
OL Patrick Kugler
OL Dan Samuelson
OL Logan Tuley-Tillman
DE Taco Charlton
DT Maurice Hurst, Jr.
DT Henry Poggi
LB Ben Gedeon
LB Mike McCray II
CB Reon Dawson
CB Ross Douglas
CB Delano Hill
CB Jourdan Lewis
CB Channing Stribling
S Dymonte Thomas
LS Scott Sypniewski

QB Garrett Moores
WR Blaise Stearns
WR Jack Wangler
OL Greg Froelich
LB Garrett Miller
LB Mike O'Brien
K J.J. McGrath


  1. When do they need to get to 85? I would assume Jones might not get a 5th year if they need the space.

    1. They need to get down to 85 by the fall, so a couple guys are going to have to depart by then. There's always a chance that one of the freshmen won't qualify, too, but I've heard rumors of a departure and Jones seems like a candidate not to be renewed for a fifth year.

  2. Norfleet didn't redshirt, and I think RJS did?

  3. Countess will get his medical redshirt so he is a redshirt sophmore

  4. Neither Norfleet or RJS received a redshirt.
    Also, walk-ons QB Ben Frye and K Jeremy Ross left the team.

  5. Pretty easy to imagine our class growing to 22 or 23 next year. Attrition always happens, and only one of our RS Juniors has been a meaningful contributor to date.

    1. Two now. And that second guy is pretty significant.

  6. EDSHIRT SOPHOMORES = 7 (Final season 2015) You have 6 marked, but counted 7

    1. There are 7. Blake Countess is mashed together on the previous line. Thanks.

  7. Bo Devers and the other walk-on redshirt frosh aren't that important in this list, as it's a scholarship count, obv. However, I'm curious to see what we have there. A big weakness in practices this year could be a lack of live arms for the drills you need with receivers and backs. Beyond the three scholarship QBs, we are down to just Alex Swieca in your list above. Last year, we had two senior walk-ons, 3 guys on scholarship and Swieca as our 6th arm, I think.

    This isn't our biggest concern this offseason, obviously, but hopefully we can land some DII-level guys who are willing to be practice guys at a big school rather than fight for a starting job at Anonymous U.

  8. Who is James RossCB Dennis Norfleet?

  9. Where did you get the roster list from????

    1. The official roster at

    2. I look at this list and am increasingly coming around to the conclusion that Will Hagerup is dead meat.

    3. You could be right. He's still suspended. Frankly, I think he should be booted off the team. He's had too many chances.

    4. Yeah; I don't like to think of any punishment for Hagerup being a function of "scholarship limits."

      Unlike Magnus, I truly don't know what to make of the Hagerup suspension because I don't know any of the details.

      I'd hate to think that a final decision to dismiss Hagerup was made to clear one last scholarship spot. Hagerup may deserve dismissal. Or not. But the present circumstances look distressingly like Hoke is waiting until the last possible moment before deciding that Hagerup must be let go. That it comes down to roster limits and not any new details in Hagerup's case. It might even be (!?) that Hagerup has been told that he'll be lucky to stay with the team this fall. That he a) must demonstrate flawless behavior and b) just hope that he gets lucky with overall space on the team.

      It's weird.

  10. Replies
    1. Wilkins left before spring practices.

  11. Magnus, first of all, what happened to all the pics of the ladies? Secondly, do we have enough to win it all in the next 2 to 3 years?

    1. I stopped posting pics of the ladies because some people were complaining, and some businesses were blocking access to the site (presumably because of the pictures of girls wearing bikinis). We'll see how things go, but who knows? They might make a return at some point.

    2. Who uses landline internet at work anymore? I check my internet sites (including yours) from my smartphone for the past 18 months. If you don't conform to the company (on)line it's because you don't own your own line ;)
      BTW - I sincerely miss where daily updates were ready every morning without fail and always worksafe. I wonder how the kid (Sean) is doing nowdays. He was several years ahead of the game for a 17-year-old.

  12. I love the classes Hoke an co have put together, but after seeing how the 2014 class could top out with around 18-20, greyshirts notwithstanding, and how many truly elite 2014 prospects we're in a good position with, I don't understand the reasoning behind taking 27 kids in 2013. Seems like flipping Ross Douglass, Delano Hill, and maybe even Dan Samuelson wasn't really necessary. I hope they succeed, and I hope I'm wrong, but they don't seem to have the potential to compete for a starting position like the others do. I'd be surprised if the 2014 kids don't surpass them in the depth charts. I can understand filling the 2011 class with bodies, but I wish we had more room this year. Nice problem to have, though.

    1. You can't mortgage the future just because high school kids might sign with you a year and a half down the road. I would prefer that the coaches get as many quality kids as they can, fill up the roster, and then work from there. Whenever Michigan gets back to being a consistent elite program (hopefully beginning this year), then they'll be able to just pick the best 15-20 kids every year. I don't really see it as a concern.

  13. Assuming Hagerup stays out of trouble (That is assuming a lot) and punts for the team in 2014, doesn't that reduce our numbers to 14? Again, thats assuming he is on scholarship in 2014.

    1. If Hagerup remains on scholarship in 2014, then yes, that would reduce Michigan's recruiting class by one.

  14. Not to beat a dead horse, but after redshirting 12 in 2012 a look at the roster makes me think we could easily redshirt 15 and maybe 18 in 2013.

    All 6 offensive linemen. Poggi and Hurst, maybe 4 defensive backs, two wide receivers, Morris (please God) , Hill, 2 running backs and maybe a linebacker, hell maybe two linebackers if we can resist keeping freshman linebackers off of kickoffs.

    Double digit redshirt Seniors would be a real nice change of pace around here.

    1. I don't think 18 of the freshmen will redshirt. At the least, I expect Butt, Charlton, Green, McCray, Morris, and Thomas to play. Then you'll inevitably have a couple guys burn redshirts to play on special teams (like Hollowell, Jenkins-Stone, and Richardson in recent years; perhaps Douglas, Delano Hill, and Lewis this year). You also have to assume that one or more of the wide receivers will play. And if there are any more departures between now and August, more spots might open up to get on the field.

  15. Numbers are off. 12 rs frosh, 12 sophomores. Hagerup is redshirting this year. I would've liked to see him gone, personally, but it's not up to me!

    1. Thanks! I'm not a big fan of the Hagerup situation, but I do give Hoke credit for making an effort to help the kid. If it were up to me, I would probably boot him too...but I see the value of what he's trying to do.

  16. I think people get too excited about red shirting players to keep them around an extra year. If they are as good as they are expected to be they probably won't stick around for 5 years anyway. Better to get them some game experience so they are more field ready when they do hit the field.

    1. Agreed. It's nice to have a good mix of redshirted and non-redshirted players, but having double-digit fifth year seniors is tough to do. With class sizes around 20 or so (when the coaching situation is stable), you're talking about 50% of those guys not only staying for as much time as possible, but also not being able to or not being forced into early playing time. You have to assume that a few guys are going to get injured/transfer/quit, and if you're getting good players, one or two guys from each class will probably leave early for the NFL.

    2. I like em and heres why and where. Obviously offensive linemen are almost never physically ready as true freshman, this is also frequently true on the defensive line. In a system where the advertised goal is to play them two deep on your defensive line, that's 8 guys running on and off the field in a four three system. That's 13 spots where physical maturity is a big plus. As we've seen around here, freshman linebackers can frequently play although they get run over some. Freshman corners have proven capable as well, but I am absolutely not a fan of freshman safeties despite the likelihood of our having two on the field in two years. Nobody really wants a freshman QB, regardless of johnny Manziel.

      I agree that 15 plus redshirt seniors is next to impossible as attrition will for sure cut this group down some as good as they are thought to be, but a senior class of 22 or so kids about half redshirts and about half starting out of a group as talented as these last two classes are thought to be, is the kind of physically and systemically mature group that dreams of National Championships are made of.

      Redshirting 15 plus this year gives you a shot at 10-12 contributors five years hence with four springs and four years in a big time strength program behind them. I believe that to be a huge advantage.

    3. The issue with that, is the players the coaches are bringing in are probably too good to stick around for 5 years. Why not get them on the field early so that they get as much game experience as possible. Obviously some players need a year to get up to size and speed of the college game, especially on the line. But if you expect the kids to be at least a back-up and potentially a starter as a sophomore then you want to get them as ready as possible before then. That's why players like Pipkins, Ojemudia, RJS, Ross, Bolden, Wilson, and Darboh got playing time. The team would probably have been fine most of the time putting other players on the field instead, but it helps tremendously going forward.

  17. Looking at this list, you can really see the YOUTH of this team. Heavily weighted towards RS Soph, Soph, RS Fresh, and Fresh. Tired of people saying we are "not that young". It's pretty clear to me from this list. Thanks Magnus (Thunder :) )

  18. Jesus Christ. 13 scholarship seniors, 12 scholarship juniors. Nuts.

    1. Exactly.

      I have 14 with no minutes for the year, but I really haven't paid any attention to who is running down the field chasing kickoffs and such. Anybody have a good number for Redshirt Freshmen this year?