Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Recruiting Update: December 25, 2013

Tarpon Springs (FL) East Lake wide receiver George Campbell, Jr. may not be donning those gloves again.
Chicago (IL) Simeon offensive tackle Denzel Ward decommitted from Purdue. Ward was committed to Michigan at one point, moved to Florida without telling the coaches, decommitted from the Wolverines, then committed to Purdue, and is now a free agent again considering Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Florida, and Syracuse. I would hate to wait on him at a restaurant.

Tarpon Springs (FL) East Lake wide receiver George Campbell, Jr. decommitted from Michigan. Campbell had been committed to the Wolverines since this summer, but he supposedly has some family members asking him to reconsider and stay closer to home. Campbell has a wide receiver teammate headed to Clemson, a quarterback teammate headed to South Florida, and an offensive lineman (Mason Cole) headed to Michigan. Cole will enroll at Michigan in January and may become less of a presence for Campbell, which is probably not a good sign for the Wolverines. The vibe from recruiting experts is that while Michigan will continue to pursue him and remain an option, things are not looking good for him to come to Ann Arbor. Clemson and Florida seem to loom large, and with Florida's terrible offense this year, I'm looking more at Clemson and their explosive offense as a likely destination.

La Mirada (CA) La Mirada tight end Tyler Luatua committed to Notre Dame. Luatua was vaguely interested in Michigan early in the process, but the decision reportedly came down to the Fighting Irish or the Alabama Crimson Tide. Luatua is the teammate of 2015 quarterback Kevin Dillman, who has been in contact with Michigan and may be an offer candidate down the road.

Monroeville (PA) Gateway safety Montae Nicholson committed to Michigan State. Nicholson was strongly considering Michigan at one point, but the Wolverines told him a couple months ago that they were no longer recruiting players at his position. Gateway seems to send a lot of players to Ohio State or Pitt, so the Spartans got their foot in the door of a pretty good talent pipeline. I was high on Nicholson as a strong safety type, so it will be interesting to see how he develops in East Lansing.

Bolingbrook (IL) Bolingbrook cornerback Parrker Westphal committed to Northwestern. Westphal was at one time considered a heavy Michigan lean, and various recruiting gurus thought he would be the next guy to commit to Michigan . . . but he never did. He seemed to cool on Michigan a little bit, and the reverse also seemed to be true. It was virtually the same situation as Grand Rapids (MI) Christian center Tommy Doles, although Westphal's recruitment dragged out longer than Doles's.


  1. In the Campbell picture, I'm (half-seriously) curious about the woman with the boots. Not something I'd expect to see at a sausage-fest (which I'd expect football scrimmages to be) ...

    Oh, and happy holidays, TTB.

    1. It's a Nike Football Training Camp (NFTC), so she's probably a reporter or an event organizer or something like that.

      Happy holidays to you, too!

  2. If Campbell ends up at Clemson, then his de-commitment from UM will have nothing to do with staying close to home.

    1. To people in the south, Michigan is like living on the moon. South Carolina is practically next door to Florida.

      Win some, you lose some ... the world keeps spinning even though a commit chooses someone else.

    2. I disagree, Anonymous. Clemson plays teams in the ACC like Florida State, Georgia Tech, etc. that would be within driving distance to see games. Going to Michigan would pretty much require his family to fly to Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, etc. if they wanted to see him play.