Sunday, December 1, 2013

MLive: Big Ten hasn't ruled on potential suspensions for Big Ten Championship

I guess the Big Ten is dragging its feet on potential suspensions. I don't see how Ohio State offensive lineman Marcus Hall doesn't get suspended, since he left the sideline to join the fray and then flipped off the fans on national television. But we'll see...

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Hannah Eldred


  1. I want to tie in the title of the article with the Yellow Bikini, but I think it wouldn't be as uplifting as my imagination.
    I say, "No suspension. Lack of material evidence." Or whatever!

  2. After the B1G let Ohio play in the bowl game in the midst of Tat-gate...and then Ohio kept Carlos "I beat women like I beat defenses" on the team - I see no punishment forthcoming.

    Urban already ruled on the topic saying they were already punished. Uncle Urban owns the B1G leadership. What he says, goes.

  3. It's impossible for me to be impartial, but here is how I see it:
    I'd say Hall has to sit the game for coming off the bench, taking a cheap shot, and the double bird exit.
    Wilson I can maybe understand calling it good at ~3/4 of a game suspension already served, maybe sit for a quarter to round it out to a full game.
    I think you have to sit Braxton Miller for at least a half as well coming off the bench and ripping on a player's (Dymonte Thomas?) face mask.
    Hyde should probably get something for his bird at the end of the game too, but I guess thats just wishful thinking/UofM fandom.