Monday, July 20, 2015

The Wolverine: The Big Ten's best football players

The Wolverine's Michael Spath ranks the top 25 players in the Big Ten (LINK). Unfortunately, none of them plays for the Wolverines.

Hit the jump for a few good looking ladies to soften the blow.


  1. Another reminder of why the fans who are predicting double digit wins for this team are way off base. We have no impact players..none. This is 8-4 talent, Harbaugh notwithstanding. There is no magic wand he can wave, just a lot of hard work ahead. It will be at least 2017 before this team is going to compete for championships.

    1. As far as proven talent goes, I think we're pretty similar to Harbaugh's 5-7 team at Stanford in 2008. But I take solace in the fact that some of the unproven guys have potential and were highly valued as recruits, and I think/hope that Harbaugh and Co. can turn them into something good. Double-digit wins would be practically a miracle, and a 5-7 season would be disappointing. Anything from 6 to 9 wins is plausible, I think.

    2. Of course, the problem is that teams like OSU and MSU also have unproven guys with potential on top of the proven talent they have that we don't, so the fact that we have a lot of highly touted players who haven't done much isn't a particular advantage for us.

      Even with our talent, 6-6 would be a disappointment. I think the chances of us falling outside the 7-9 win window are small.