Sunday, February 19, 2012

Detroit News: Michigan now 13-point underdog against Alabama

Ashley Valence
If you're planning to bet on the Michigan vs. Alabama game, Michigan is a 13-point dog.  Hop on the betting now if you think it's going to be a close game.


  1. Magnus, what's your personal opinion of this matchup? Or are you keeping secrets?

    1. I think it's not going to end well for Michigan. I'm not expecting a blowout, but Michigan's lack of quality receivers is going to hurt. My guess would be something like a 14-point loss.

  2. I love then Alabama fans say that one of the reasons they will win is "because Saban has so much time to prepare."
    They can call Auburn fans "'Bama rejects" all they want, but it's statements like that that really puts things into perspective.