Saturday, February 18, 2012

Kyle Bosch, Wolverine

Wheaton (IL) St. Francis offensive lineman Kyle Bosch yanks East Lansing's chain
(image via Spartan Nation)
Wheaton (IL) St. Francis offensive guard Kyle Bosch committed to Michigan on Saturday during a visit to Ann Arbor.  I wrote up a scouting report on Kyle Bosch several weeks ago, so I'm not going to reinvent the wheel.

Yesterday I wrote that you should not expect a commitment from Bosch in the near future, so I have to say this surprised me a little bit.  I was under the impression that he still wanted to take several visits, but he must be satisfied enough with his decision that he doesn't feel the need to take those visits anymore.

ESPN: 4-star
Rivals: 4-star, #60 overall
Scout: Unranked
247 Sports: 4-star, 95 grade, #7 OT, #44 overall

Scout has yet to release many of their rankings for 2013, so it's not concerning that he's unranked at this point.  As you can see from my scouting report, I'm very high on Kyle Bosch.  Unlike the recruiting sites, I think he projects best to offensive guard, but that shouldn't affect his ratings much.  I'm not giving out any TTB ratings until the 2012 class is finished (I'm looking at you, Alex Kozan), but you can expect a high grade when that does happen.


  1. Bosch is a 4* on ESPN (top 100)

  2. Kozan's free agency (for lack of a better expression) makes this day somewhat odd. We're focused (understandably) on 2013, but there's still a 2012 4-star out there.

  3. @Thunder.

    Speaking of Kozan about whom I'm thinking he should probably stay close to home, I'd be interested in your thoughts on an interior lineman's qualities that would cause you to think him to be a center rather than a guard.

    Other than an ability to snap the ball.

    I'd also be interested on your thoughts about Left Tackle, Right Tackle with a left handed QB coming in.

    1. The center is generally the smartest guy on the offensive line, and probably the smartest guy on the field, except perhaps the quarterback. I generally look for a center to be about 6'4" or shorter, and he's got to have a powerful base (i.e. a big ol' butt and tree trunks for legs). Since he has to root out nose tackles who are often 320 lbs. or so, he needs to be able to get leverage on those guys. And if you're looking to run a power run game (like Michigan plans) rather than a zone running scheme, your center doesn't have to be a great athlete. Molk was a good athlete, but he fit better in the zone running scheme than he would have in Michigan's running game of the '90s and early '00s. I also look for a guard to be a guy who can get out and run a little bit, because he's going to have to lead on sweeps and power plays. If a guy looks like he struggles to run in a straight line or to change direction and get upfield, then I think he's more likely to play center or perhaps tackle (if he's tall/long enough).

      I think Michigan will flip-flop their left and right tackle if/when Shane Morris becomes the starter. Since Taylor Lewan is Michigan's best athlete at the tackle position, then I think he would be playing right tackle if Morris were starting this year. But Lewan will be a fifth year senior by the time Morris is a freshman, and I would expect Devin Gardner to earn the starting position in 2013, so Lewan should be able to stay at LT for the rest of his career at Michigan.

  4. To say Bosch 'yanked MSU's chain' is inaccurate. Recruiting, if done correctly, is a process and a very emotional one for young men and their families. MSU has a great program and coaching staff. Dozens of factors go into the decision but in the end it is about 'the best fit'.

  5. Dantonio... Is that U?
    Recruiting is going to be getting VERY emotional for you & your boys... Tense, Stressful, Frustrating, Self-pitying being some of those emotions!