Thursday, February 9, 2012

Scouting Report: Jonathan Allen

Ashburn (VA) Stone Bridge defensive end Jonathan Allen
Name: Jonathan Allen
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 225 lbs.
Class: 2013
Position: Defensive end
School: Ashburn (VA) Stone Bridge

Notes: Holds offers from Boston College, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Oklahoma, Penn State, Rutgers, Stanford, Tennessee, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest . . . Had 12 sacks as a junior in 2011 . . . Rivals 4-star and #100 player nationally . . . 247 Sports 4-star, 96 grade, #1 WDE, #24 overall

Strengths: Can be explosive off the ball . . . Shows good straight-line speed

Weaknesses: Often stands up way too high coming off the ball . . . Does not use hands well to shed blockers . . . Does not change direction well . . . Lacks consistent effort in pursuit to ballcarrier . . . Takes poor angles when chasing from behind . . . Shows too much passivity when defending the run . . . Needs to finish tackles

Projection: Strongside defensive end in a 4-3.  Allen lacks the agility to play in space and does not display the one-on-one pass rushing ability to be a weakside end.  His best fit appears to be as a strongside end, but he'll have to add significant size and strength to hold up.

Reminds me of: Ken Wilkins


  1. "Reminds me of: Ken Wilkins"

    Speaking of which, do you or your sources have any ideas about how he'll spend his last two/three years at Michigan?

    1. He has apparently moved to the 3-technique defensive tackle position, but has yet to really make an impact. He's not playing well on the field, and he's supposedly not working hard enough to fix that problem. I would not expect him to see the field much in 2012, either, unless the light suddenly goes on for him.

  2. im curious to know what your analysis on paskorz was.

    1. I didn't write a commitment post for Paskorz because I was just a fledgling blogger then, but here's the first post about him from the 2010 Countdown. It's not extremely flattering:

  3. Would he be better off on a team that can play him as a 3-4 OLB?

    1. I don't really think he has the agility to play OLB.

  4. Magnus, this kid is ranked as the #1 WDE by 247, and he's in the top 100 according to Rivals, and you have 3 times as many negative things to say about him as positive things.

    You said Riley Norman would probably not get an offer, despite creeping into the rivals 250.

    I love this blog because you're always honest, but jeez man, what does a recruit have to do to be in your good graces?


    1. Let's look at the #100 player to Rivals over the past several years:

      2002: Jim Unis (Boston College)
      2003: Tim Washington (LSU)
      2004: Greg Harrison (PSU)
      2005: Montario Hardesty (Tennessee)
      2006: Justin Anderson (Georgia)
      2007: Brandon Gibson (Alabama)
      2008: Nick Moody (FSU)
      2009: John Martinez (USC)
      2010: Demetrius Wright (USC)
      2011: Charles Jackson (Nebraska)

      If you see any bona fide superstars in there, let me know. Hardesty did okay at Tennessee and is averaging 3.0 yards a carry for the Browns. Gibson has been a fair possession receiver for the Rams the last couple seasons. Moody had a good year for FSU in 2010. But I don't see any strong evidence to suggest Rivals' #100 player is a surefire success.

      As for Riley Norman, I don't think he's a horrible player. I'm just not sure he's what Michigan is looking for. They haven't been going after the massive offensive tackles in 2012 or 2013 (so far). They've been going after the tackles who are 275-290 lbs. or so. Norman is listed at 315 already.

    2. I definitely think they value athleticism in a tackle, but if you take a look at Braden from last year, he's a lot bigger than his listed weight on the recruiting websites. He's closer to 320, and he also plays hockey if I'm remembering right. A 320 lbs hockey player would be a funny thing for me to see. Because of how I feel Hoke values his backyard, I think Norman will get an offer.